The Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that help you deal with negative feelings, thoughts, and situations. This may sound too simple; repeating the same sentences won’t change anything around you. But research shows that positive thinking can rewire your brain, changing the way you feel about things. Affirmations work because of neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to adapt to new situations.

  • Affirmations are helpful for numerous reasons:
  • Help you reprogram your subconsciousness
  • Encourage you to create a better picture of yourself and your surroundings
  • Lower your stress levels
  • Decrease worry, fear, and anxiety
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Provide feelings of harmony, happiness, and optimism

How to Use Affirmations

Say affirmations aloud. Use the present tense. Try not to highlight the negative. Choose meaningful affirmations

Convenient places for your affirmations

  • Mirrors
  • Next to your computer
  • Closet doors
  • On the wall
  • Exercise equipment
  • Screen saver
  • Ceiling
  • Fridge

Say Them in the Morning

Many people enjoy saying affirmations in the morning, right after they wake up. At that time, your mind is fresh. So, find a few minutes before beginning the day to repeat your affirmations. That way, you will start the morning right with a dose of positivity. If you face what’s disrupting your tranquility every day, you will find morning affirmations for peace useful. They will help you create the right mindset and lower your stress and anxiety.

Look in the Mirror

One of the best ways to use affirmations is to stand in front of a mirror. Look yourself in the eyes, lift your chin up, and face whatever’s bothering you. Then, say the affirmations with courage and confidence, and you’ll notice how it positively affects your mindset.

Incorporate Affirmations in Meditation

One of the best ways to achieve peace is through meditation. Get the best of both worlds by saying affirmations before or while you’re meditating.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Peace

Saying affirmations for peace regularly helps our brain to create positive responses to different circumstances. Although it may seem hard to believe, these short phrases can significantly change how we perceive ourselves and our surroundings.


  1. I grow and improve every day.
  2. I appreciate the opportunities I've been given.
  3. My life is full of potential.
  4. I give myself permission to be myself.
  5. I have the power to change.
  6. I am courageous.
  7. I’m allowed to have needs and take up space.
  8. I am valued.
  9. I am worthy of love.​
  10. ​I am enough.​​
  11. Nothing can disrupt my peace.
  12. I am 100% relaxed at this very moment.
  13. I choose to think positively about what’s bothering me.
  14. I have the power to let go of everything that’s negative.
  15. I can let go of things I can’t change.
  16. I can be relaxed in all situations.
  17. I am grateful for the peace I have right now.
  18. I attract good people into my life.
  19. I am allowed to feel upset, angry, and sad sometimes—that’s part of being human
  20. My personal boundaries are important, and I’m allowed to express my needs to others
  21. “No” is a complete sentence and I don’t have to explain or justify my boundaries
  22. I am allowed to feel good and to experience pleasure in life
  23. I am worthy of receiving good things and of accomplishing my goals in life
  24. The past is the past, and my past doesn’t predict my future
  25. I forgive myself for mistakes I made, and I refuse to hold them against myself
  26. I am allowed to take up space, to have desires, and to have a voice
  27. I don’t have to give up my hopes and dreams
  28. All this hard work I am putting into achieving my goals will pay off
  29. I am capable of making healthy choices
  30. It is easy for me to let go of stress, anxiety, and fear.
  31. I am confident I’m making the right decisions for my life.
  32. Nobody can take my peace from me.
  33. I give myself permission to remove stress from my life.
  34. My actions bring new understanding into my life.
  35. I am happy I am surrounded by people that bring value to my life.
  36. I accept that I am not perfect.
  37. Negative thoughts do not serve me anymore
  38. I will surround myself by people who love and support me unconditionally
  39. I accept myself for who I am
  40. With positive thoughts and self-confidence, I will be unstoppable
  41. I am proud of myself and will continue to strive to do well
  42. Today I will do my best
  43. I know it’s okay to get out of my comfort zone.
  44. Other people’s opinions don’t bother me.
  45. I focus on the positive aspects of every situation.
  46. I appreciate myself.
  47. I have a loving family that supports me and respects my needs.
  48. As worries leave my body, they leave room for peace and calmness.
  49. I let go of stress.
  50. There’s no room for pessimistic thoughts in my head.
  51. I know I am worthy of peace.
  52. The power is in my hands.
  53. Disagreements with my family and friends can’t disrupt my peace.
  54. I am a strong, capable person
  55. I have done difficult things in the past, and I can do them again
  56. I have experienced challenges in the past, and I am more resilient because of this
  57. I know my worth
  58. I deserve to be loved and to love others
  59. Growth is sometimes bumpy and isn’t always linear, but I will stay the course
  60. Healing is within reach for me
  61. I love my body, my mind, my dreams, and my goals

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