Civility: The Monarch Way

The Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity aligns this Civility Month with university values, inclusion and respect, and the University Strategic Plan Goals and Strategies of Student Engagement  and can also be seen in the Monarch Plan for Inclusive Excellence.

We recognize that everyone has the right to be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect. We embrace academic freedom, accountability, honesty, and transparency in the responsible pursuit of higher education, knowledge, and social justice. We nurture a climate of care, concern, and civility where respect for self, others, the institution, the environment, and the global community is a top priority. We are called to the highest ethical standards in academic and professional pursuits and uphold a commitment to integrity in our policies, codes of conduct, and everyday practices. 

 While the University has a civility policy that communicates, we will maintain a welcoming, safe, and civil workplace for employees, students and all other stakeholders who grace our campus, we realize that because of our unique and diverse experiences, what one deems as civil behavior may differ from someone else. So how to build collective understanding of what it means to me to be a Monarch who recognizes and demonstrates civility is our task.  


Both Old Dominion University and the Commonwealth of Virginia have policies that support Civility in the Workplace by prohibiting workplace harassment (including sexual harassment), bullying (including cyber-bullying), and workplace violence of any kind.

During August

During the Month of August OIED will provide the following: 

  • Daily social media blast from OIED providing civility operational definitions, tangible ways to display civility and positive affirmations. 
  • Faculty, Staff, and the student body will participate in a social media visual campaign informing how to use civility in the workplace, in digital communications, the virtual environment, face-to-face, and amongst the collective monarch community. 
  • Vector Solution training will be provided for all faculty and staff members with the opportunity to post and tag #ODUInclusive upon successful completion of one or more of the civility professional learnings.  
  • OIED social media will displace titles of civility related books that can be obtained through the ODU (Old Dominion University) library. 

 Civility Awareness Project Videos

Assuming Goodwill

Title IX coordinator Kate Couch tells us what civility means to her. For example, when conversing with others, assume their intentions are good.

Genuine Compassion

Giania Johnson encourages us to have kindness and empathy for others. Respect who they are and their unique perspectives. Consider how your words influence others. 



Civil Rights and Title IX Investigator Eric Magner tells us that Politeness is another way to be civil and the importance of politeness for everyone.

Listening to Understand

Alumni Monarch Dr. Shameka Gerald takes time to tell you what civility means to her!


Building Community

Housing and Residence Life shares what building community looks like through civility.