Research Advisory Committee


This is an advisory committee to the Associate Dean for Research (ADR) in BCET. The committee discusses important issues relevant to research at the college level such as research strategy, research productivity, research infrastructure, research funding, research initiatives, and future research directions; and makes recommendations to the ADR.


  • Members are selected across the college and from the bodies (centers/institutes) represented by BCET faculty
  • Membership is strictly based on research performance and stature of the member in the domain; term is limited to 3 years; 1st batch is staggered
  • Discuss College Strategic Research Priorities, Planning, and Other relevant challenges/opportunities in the College and provide recommendations to ADR
  • Facilitate discussions on multidisciplinary and other research initiatives and make recommendations to ADR
  • Administer reviews of all funding initiatives relevant to the college and provide feedback on review results to the ADR
  • Help BCET to change Research Culture in the College