Summer Transition Programs

Early Engineering Advantage Program for Women (EEAP)


ODU Engineering's EEAP program includes a number of activities. As a part of EEAP, you will have opportunities to learn from career women in engineering and research.

ODU Engineering's EEAP program is a one-week residential program in the summer funded by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, Norfolk Southern, the National Science Foundation, Virginia Space Grant Consortium, and other sponsors. It helps young women entering engineering build a community with one another, participate in engineering activities, and take trips to area industry groups.

EEAP students may also be invited to the summer bridge, and schedules for EEAP and the summer bridge will not conflict with one another. Placements in EEAP are invitation-only and competitive due to the limited seats. All confirmed freshman female engineering students are receiving email invitations containing the EEAP application at this time. Please check your email for the EEAP invitation.


ODU Engineering Summer Bridge

Engineering Summer Bridge program

Summer Bridge students can expect rigorous academics to help prepare them for the Fall semester, engineering activities, and support and mentoring from upperclassmen engineering students.

ODU Engineering offers a freshman summer bridge program. The purpose of the Engineering Summer Bridge is to prepare students for the rigors and challenges of their freshman year as an engineering student at ODU.

The ODU Engineering Summer Bridge will be a two-week virtual program. The cost for the Engineering Summer Bridge is partially subsidized by ODU Engineering, meaning students and their families will need to pay for part of the program.

Only a small portion of ODU Engineering's incoming freshmen will be invited to apply, based on demonstrated need for this preparation. The Summer Bridge program is designed for students who fall in or near a qualifying ALEKS score for Precalculus/Math 162. Demonstrated need is determined by ALEKS scores, so taking your ALEKS pre-tests at home as soon as possible will increase the likelihood of receiving an invitation.

Seats are limited for the Engineering Summer Bridge. Email invitations will be sent out to all students with a qualifying ALEKS score throughout May, June, and July.