Undergraduate Advising

Students are our top priority

We actively provide students with a supportive environment, offer timely and dependable guidance, and educate students about campus policies and academic programs.

We partner with faculty advisors, academic departments, and other support staff to encourage all students' academic and personal development.

Not sure where to start? Meet with your advisor one-on-one to discuss your options and identify programs that will meet your needs.

Advising basics

  • All freshman students admitted to the first-year program are advised by a professional advisor.  For questions, please email engineeringadvising@odu.edu to be connected with your advisor.
  • All transfer students are advised by Anna Lacy.
  • Departmental advising takes place when students are in MATH 212 and PHYS 231N by your major's department.

Advising Must-dos

For all undergraduate students (first-year and department)

Engineering Placement Tests

See what tests all admitted undergraduates must take and when to take them.

Freshman & Transfer Student Orientation

Monarch Orientation is ODU's orientation program for new incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Course Registration

Pre-registration into next semester during spring and fall semesters for all current students

Major/Minor Declaration

Learn more about the requirements for declaring a major and transitioning to a departmental advisor.

Departmental Advising

Advising sophomore through senior year happens in your major's department.


Transfer Students

We understand that as a transfer student, you have unique needs that require a wide array of campus resources. ODU is here to assist you with your transition to the university. The services and programs offered to you as a Monarch are endless so take advantage of every opportunity.

Advising Resources

Curriculum Sheets

Find undergraduate curriculum sheets for catalog year 2022-23.

University Catalog

View the Undergraduate Catalog to find core course requirements and more.

Registration Procedures

Learn how to register for courses.

Degree Validation & Academic Records

Visit the University Registrar

Transfer Equivalencies

Find course-by-course equivalencies

Graduation FAQ's and Deadlines

Find important information about graduation.

Locate Our Office

The Advising Center is located in 242 Kaufman Hall (2nd floor east end). General questions can be answered via email at engineeringadvising@odu.edu.


If you have any academic advising questions, please email engineeringadvising@odu.edu and an advisor will follow up with you. Please include your UIN and questions that you need help with. Thank you!