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Energy Engineering Interdisciplinary Minor


This interdisciplinary Minor is for students who would like to learn about energy engineering fundamentals, socio-environmental impacts of energy systems, and novel energy engineering technologies. The Minor will enhance their abilities to integrate knowledge from different disciplines with concepts used in energy engineering and offer the students the opportunity to be recognized for study in this growing interdisciplinary field.

General Program Requirements

Students who wish to take the Minor will meet with the Minor Advisor, Dr. Sandeep Kumar, and present the course from their Major that they wish to apply to the Minor requirements subject to the advisor's approval. A plan of work form will be completed that lists the courses that will be applied to the Minor requirements. The Minor Advisor will report the completion of the Minor to the registrar.

For completion of the Minor, students must have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.00 in all courses required for the minor exclusive of pre-requisites. At least six (6) hours of the required twelve (12) must be taken through courses offered by Old Dominion University

Note that any class taken prior to the official start date of the Minor that is or later becomes an approved or required Minor class can be credited toward the student's Minor requirements.

Those interested in applying for the Energy Minor Program should download this Application Form (pdf), complete it, and submit via email to Dr. Sandeep Kumar (skumar@odu.edu).

Energy Engineering Interdisciplinary Minor Brochure

Biomass Research Laboratory Brochure


The Energy Engineering Interdisciplinary Minor consists of 12 credit-hours of 300- and 400-level coursework. Four (4) 3-credit hour courses from the following approved list will be selected by the student. A maximum of six (6) credit-hours may be taken in any one discipline. No more than one 3-credit hour course can count towards the student's Major as well as the proposed Minor. The approved courses are:

Course Number Course Name Pre-requisites
CEE 459 Biofuels Engineering Major Professor's Approval
CET 355 Sustainable Building Practices Junior standing
ECE 303 Introductions to Electrical Power A grade of C or better in ECE 201-Circuit Analysis
ECE 403 Power Electronics MATH 307 and ECE 303
ECE 471 Introduction to Solar Cells ECE 332
ECON 447W Natural Resource and Environmental Economics A grade of C or better in ENGL 211C or ENGL 221C or ENGL 231C; ECON 202S (or ECON 200S and permission of the instructor), and a declared major at the University or permission of the Dean's Office
EET 340 Transmission Networks EET 300-Advanced Circuit Analyses
EET 370T Energy and Environment PHYS 101N or PHYS 111N or PHYS 226N or PHYS 231N
EET 485 Electrical Power Systems EET 360
EET 495 Marine Power and Energy Systems EET 360 and EET 365W
ENGN 411 Energy Management and Policy (3 credits)
ENGN 412 Fundamentals of Energy Conversion and Transmission (3 credits)
ENMA 301 Intro to Engineering Management Junior Standing
ENMA 302 Engineering Economics
MAE 411 Mechanical Engineering Power Systems Theory and Design MAE 312-Thermodynamics II and MAE 315-Heat and Mass Transfer
MAE 413 Energy Conversions MAE 312- Thermodynamics II
MAE 416 Introduction to Solar Energy Engineering MAE 315
MAE 430 Solar Thermal Engineering MAE 312 and MAE 315
MET 300 Thermodynamics CHEM 121N, MATH 211 and a grade of C or better in PHYS 111N or PHYS 231N
MET 450 Energy Systems MET 350-Thermal Applications
MET 471 Nuclear Systems I MATH 211 and PHYS 111N
OEAS 415 Waves and Tides MATH 211-212 and PHYS 231N-232N or permission of the instructor
PHYS 415 Introductions to Nuclear and Particle Physics PHYS 452-Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Co-requisite: MATH 307
STEM 360 Energy, Power, and Transportation Technologies
Junior standing or permission of the instructor