Old Dominion University Darden College of Education

Moving Forward with Confidence & Ambition

Education courses have been taught at Old Dominion University for more than 85 years. At the Darden College of Education & Professional Studies, we keep pushing toward what we want to become, not simply what we want to maintain. The Strategic Plan was drafted after a year-long process involving consultant facilitated conversations with faculty focus groups and stakeholders. Prior to going before a faculty vote, the proposed Strategic Plan was shared with all faculty for feedback. In January 2017, the Strategic Plan was ratified by a unanimous vote received from the majority of the faculty.

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The Darden College of Education & Professional Studies is dedicated to continually improving the lives of our communities—those groups of people linked by diverse needs, affiliation, or purpose—through culturally-affirming research, teaching, and service. The college will be a premier leader in preparing individuals for professions in education, industry, service and clinical environments.

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To advance our communities through research, teaching, and service activities that reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation, and transformation.



  1. Develop infrastructure for supporting and rewarding interdisciplinary research and community partnerships to explore relevant and critical problems of practice.
  2. Create expectations and systems to inspire high quality faculty research that promotes national and international recognition.
  3. Compete for external-funding that supports and extends our mission through high quality research.


  1. Ensure that curriculum meets the future professional and career needs of all students by partnering with key stakeholders to ensure relevance of program content and curriculum design.
  2. Implement state-of-the-art technologies to reach and enrich the broadest number of high quality students.
  3. Ensure students have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to serve as future leaders in their chosen fields.


  1. Engage with our key stakeholders to obtain regular and systematic feedback that focuses on assessing mutual needs, evaluating the quality of Darden College of Education & Professional Studies' impact, and collaboratively determining future directions.
  2. Create sustainable partnerships that serve as spaces for research, reflective practice, and professional renewal.
  3. Provide added-value learning opportunities for faculty, students, and community stakeholders.