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The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is an interdepartmental resource center where students design, collaborate, and extend learning to drive innovative solutions within their field of study. At the LRC, students will find a variety of tech tools, resources, and available study space locations to support learning.

The LRC is equipped with laptops, chromebooks, and iPAD devices that students and faculty can access with their MIDAS credentials. Students have access to digital flipboards and an interactive smartboard to support collaboration, web conferencing, and group study efforts. The LRC also contains a Makerspace collection with several 3D printers and STEM tools for students to design, build, and test their creations.

Learning Resources for Everyone

The LRC is not only available to ODU students and faculty, but also to K-12 institutions, businesses, non-profits, and the local community. Everyone can take part in workshops, events, and educational experiences centered around enrichment, innovation, and learning.

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