• Host a Workshop in the LRC
    The LRC provides tech workshops and demo opportunities to support students with leveraging technology for learning. Bring a class into the LRC to participate in the hands-on workshops. Devices are provided for all workshop participants.

  • Host a Workshop in Class
    The LRC also supports professors by hosting demos and workshop in their classrooms. LRC staff are available to model new technology and provide support with integrating the technology effectively into lessons.

  • Lab Space for Class
    The LRC supports professors by providing a hands-on lab space for their students to practice strategies, concepts, and skills learned in the classroom.
  • Instructional Tech Support
    When students are brought to the LRC, they will receive support integrating technology to reinforce the learning objectives of the class.

  • Textbooks
    Access K-12 English and Social Studies textbooks and resources. Science & Math textbooks are located in Monarch Teach.
  • Reading Books
    The LRC contains children's books for ages 3 through adult. Students, faculty, and staff have access to book checkout.

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  • Tablets & Devices
    Checkout iPADS, Chromebooks, and Surface Book 2 devices.
  • Table-Top or Mobile Robots
    Users can swivel a robot while synced to a web conference service or remotely drive a robot while joined to an online meeting.
  • Tech Equipment
    Additional equipment is available for faculty checkout.

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