Applying to Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate students seeking to complete a bachelor's degree with the teacher education concentration must apply and be admitted into the undergraduate teacher education program prior to registering for a practicum course.

Undergraduate students applying for admission into a teacher education program must meet the admission requirements listed below and in accordance with your specific program.

How to Apply

To apply to an undergraduate program, you must:
  • Be a declared major in the appropriate academic department.
  • Have a 2.75 grade point average overall, in the major, and in the professional education core courses, or a 2.80 for IDS majors. Students who enroll in the new BSED programs will need a 2.75.
  • Earn at least a C- grade in all courses in the major and in the professional education core (C grade in all courses for IDS majors). Students who enroll in the new BSED programs will need a C-.
  • Have completed at least 60 credit hours for most endorsement programs, please check with your advisor if you have questions
  • Starting January 7th, 2023 a completed background c heck needs to be on file with the university


If you meet you above requirements, you must:
  1. Complete and submit the Undergraduate Teacher Education Application ►
  2. Complete and submit the Professional Dispositions Survey ►


When planning for class registration, please keep in mind it can take up to 10 business day to process applications.