LiveText is the approved system to be used for key assignment submissions, artifact collection, accreditation standards integration, and student assessments in Old Dominion University's Teacher Education Programs.

All students in an initial licensure or advanced program for preparation of school personnel, upon enrolling/registering for their first Education class, are required to purchase the LiveText by Watermark [including Field Experience Management], a Web-based portfolio assessment system, approved by Old Dominion's Teacher Education Council. In addition, students taking a course at ODU in which the instructor requires LiveText are required to purchase a membership.

LiveText is available for student use as an online digital repository, where students can store documents, images and video clips, as long as they are an enrolled at Old Dominion University. In addition, students can continue to use LiveText one year following graduation at no additional cost.

Purchase LiveText

LiveText is available for sale (credit card payment) through the uStore.

Darden College of Education & Professional Studies uStore

You will receive an automated message confirming that payment has been completed. The LiveText keycode will then email directly to you by the end of the next business day.