The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is focused on providing an extraordinary level of education at both the graduate and undergraduate level. We provide diverse, multidisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduates as early as the freshman year within our graduate research groups. Our faculty take on challenging and prevalent global issues. Currently we are:

  • Studying the chemistry of living cells in real-time using nanoparticles
  • Probing our planet's atmosphere using advanced satellite-based instruments to better understand the role of greenhouse gasses and ozone
  • Using high-field NMR to unravel the mysteries of diseases ranging from the common cold to polio
  • Carrying out computer simulations of protein nucleic acid binding to DNA and of selenium bio-inorganics which offer insight into solving the complexities of cancer
  • Analyzing the structures of organogels which serve as advanced biomaterials in applications ranging from matrix assisted tissue growth to scaffolds for protein and DNA synthesis
  • Seeking to elucidate the role of supramolecular chemistry in nano-materials for drug delivery
  • Synthesizing novel chiral molecules which serve as building blocks for pharmaceutics
  • Advancing artificial photosynthesis using mixed-metal multi-nuclear inorganic complexes
  • Providing options for carbon dioxide sequestration via designer metallo-mesogens
  • Pursuing an understanding of the chemical transformations of plant-derived bio-polymers in soils, natural waters, and marine sediments
  • Developing novel conversions of algae biomass to bio-fuels
  • Unlocking the second-half of the genetic code by relating amino acid sequences to the 3-dimensional structure of proteins
  • Discovering new uses for the by-products of biomass fuels to improve soil fertility while at the same time providing a pathway to help control greenhouse gasses via carbon sequestration.

In the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, we are constantly learning about the World around us, and now we invite you to join us.