Inside the Building

Key Factors

Construction on the new Chemistry building began in February 2019 and was completed spring 2021. The four-story, 110,000 square-foot innovative learning center was funded by a state bond issue, in part intended to increase the number of students in STEM-H, those majoring in science, technology, engineering, math and health. Old Dominion is the second-largest producer of STEM-H.

New Building Construction Videos

Faculty & Staff Support Spaces

Chemistry Building- side view

  • 2 small 1st floor (North and South end)
  • 1 small 2nd floor for online course instruction & recitations (North end)
  • 1 large 4th floor for department meetings (South end)

  • 28 Faculty Offices
  • 5 Classified Staff Offices
  • 1 Emeritus Faculty Office
  • 1 Adjunct Faculty Office
  • 1 ACS Student Affiliates Office

  • 1 area North end - 2nd floor (holds 15 students)
  • 2 areas North and South end - 3rd floor (holds 15 students per area)
  • 2 areas North and South end - 4th floor (holds 15 students per area)

  • General Chemistry - 3 wet labs (1st floor)
  • Organic Chemistry - 2 wet labs plus 1 organic instrumentation lab (2nd floor)
  • Upper Chemistry - 2 wet labs plus 1 common instrumentation lab (3rd floor)
  • Upper Chemistry - 2 wet labs, 1 Imaging lab and 1 Spectroscopy lab (4th floor)

Planetarium/Digital Theater

117 seats, 5 wheelchair allocated spaces, lecture classes, planetarium shows, research seminars, public lectures and more. Immerse yourself in a journey through space and time in our breathtaking planetarium.

Student Support Spaces

The Chemistry Success Center offers one-on-one tutoring as w

Student Success Center

  • 36 seats + 3 individual break-out rooms which will hold 4 each.
  • All office hours, help sessions, and small study groups will be held in this room.

Interactive/Open Common Areas

  • 7 total areas (1-1st floor; 3-2nd floor; 1-3rd floor; 2-4th floor)

Student Active Learning Classroom

  • 72 seats for recitations.