Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Joedian Morris

The department of chemistry and biochemistry provides numerous opportunities for students to engage in undergraduate research. Through both structured and independent research courses, students engage in research from the freshman through their senior year. During the freshman year, students may take an advanced laboratory course that includes an introduction to chemical research. This introduction places students into a research lab for half of the semester allowing them to work on a novel project and gain the skills necessary for more independent work. In the sophomore year, an advanced organic chemistry laboratory is offered where students work on unique projects that involve advanced synthesis and characterization techniques. Independent research occurs during the junior and senior years culminating with a senior thesis project affording the opportunity for a more in-depth research experience.

Students who choose to engage in research through their coursework and who complete a senior thesis may earn a B.S. in Chemistry with Research Concentration. This specialized degree indicates students' ability to both perform independent chemical research and present the research through both written and oral communication. This degree is valuable to those pursuing advanced degrees as well as those seeking employment opportunities as it demonstrates skills that graduate schools and employers seek.

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