Walkable Campus

East to West, ODU's campus is approximately a 10-15 minute walk. Consult the Campus Transportation Map to find the best route for you! To increase pedestrian safety, crosswalk beacons are installed at most major intersections on campus. When crossing Hampton Boulevard on foot, be sure to press the crosswalk button to ensure you get the signal.

Crosswalk Beacons


Beacons flash for pedestrians in the sensor zone directly beneath the crosswalk sign posts, signaling entrance into the street right-of-way. There are 9 crosswalk beacon locations:

  • 43rd St. at Powhatan Ave.
  • 43rd. St. at Parker Ave.
  • 43rd St. at Elkhorn Ave.
  • 43rd St. at Bluestone Ave.
  • 49th St. at Visual Arts Building
  • 49th St. at Bluestone Ave.
  • Powhatan Ave. at 48th St.
  • Powhatan Ave. at Maglev
  • Powhatan Ave. at Facilities Management

Safety First!

Your safety is of first importance, always! Whether walking, driving, or riding, please follow these tips to keep everyone safe:

  • Pedestrians should pay attention to their surroundings when utilizing crosswalks.
  • Earphone and phone usage is discouraged when crossing any intersection.
  • Drivers must ALWAYS yield to pedestrians, even when the crosswalk beacons are not flashing.
  • Bicyclists should dismount when crossing.
  • Scooter users should slow down and follow all traffic laws when crossing.