Local Tolls & E-ZPass

Elizabeth River Tunnels

The Elizabeth River Tunnels are the fastest way for Monarchs to cross the Elizabeth River between Norfolk and Portsmouth. There is the Downtown Tunnel (I-264) and the Midtown Tunnel (US 58). Both tunnels are tolled via All-Electronic Tolling, meaning there are no toll booths. Tolls are collected electronically through the overhead toll gantries on the roadway. View toll rates ►

Toll Relief Program

All students could save 50% on each trip through the Elizabeth River Tunnels by enrolling in the Toll Relief Program! Simply enroll in-person at your local E-ZPass Service Center and you can start receiving 50% on up to 14 trips per week! Learn more at www.VDOTTollRelief.com.


Toll Payment Options

E-ZPass Electronic Payment

E-ZPass offers the maximum amount of savings on tolls at the Elizabeth River Tunnels and it works on toll roads across 18 states. There are no monthly fees, and the transponder device is free - every penny of the $35 you pay to set it up your account goes towards your tolls. Start saving 65% on each trip today. Click here to learn more.

Toll Payment Apps

With mobile toll payment apps like GoTollSlora and Uproad, you can save over 60% on each trip through the Elizabeth River Tunnels.


If you choose to travel through the Downtown or Midtown Tunnels without an E-ZPass, or without using a toll payment app, you will be billed as a Pay by Plate customer, in which an image of your license plate is captured, and a bill will be sent to the home address your vehicle is registered to within 30 days of your trip. The bill will include the toll plus a processing fee. Pay by Plate statements can be paid online at www.DriveERT.com or over the phone, by calling 757-837-0840.

If you see the cones, respect the zone!

A VDOT display in front of ODU's Webb Center depicts a crashed vehicle where a VDOT worker was injured by a truck. Always remember to respect safety cones on the road! If this doesn't get your attention, what will?