Carpool Permits

Faculty/Staff Carpool Program

Car pooling

The Department of Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) offers Carpool Parking Permits to qualifying Faculty and Staff in an effort to provide a more affordable option for parking at ODU, to reduce the amount of vehicles on campus, and to take a small step towards reducing the Monarch community's carbon footprint.

Approved participants in the Faculty/Staff Carpool Program receive the following:

  • One Carpool Permit at the same rate as a Faculty/Staff Group II Permit

How to Register

Two or more full time faculty/staff employees who want to ride together full time and share one permit may register for a Carpool Permit. Carpool Permits are NOT available online and must be purchased in the Transportation and Parking Services office at 4310 Elkhorn Avenue Norfolk, VA 23529.

  • All first-time Carpool participants must register together at the TPS Office (located 4310 Elkhorn Ave)
  • Each participant must complete their section of the Carpool Permit Application Form and present a valid Faculty/Staff ID
  • Each participant must present all applicable vehicle registrations
  • Each participant must have an on-campus (Norfolk) office address
  • Carpool participants can choose a preferred parking lot or garage that would work best for them, and TPS will try to accommodate the request

Program Policies

Transportation & Pakring Service Front Office

Carpool Spaces
  • Carpool spaces are reserved for Carpool Permits from 7am - 2pm. After 2pm, Faculty/Staff Permits may park; after 3:45pm, any valid ODU permit may park.
  • Preferred parking areas are not guaranteed to have available spaces as Carpool spaces are open to all Carpool Permit holders.
Carpool Permits
  • Carpool Permits may park in regular Faculty/Staff spaces if all Carpool spaces are taken.
  • If a Carpool is reduced to one participant, the Carpool Permit is no longer valid. The Carpool Permit must be returned to the TPS office. Individuals wishing to continue to park on campus must purchase a regular Faculty/Staff Permit.
  • Carpool participants wishing to park a second vehicle on campus must purchase a daily parking permit or pay for hourly parking.


If you have any questions about the policies or limitations of the Faculty/Staff Carpool Permit, please contact Transportation & Parking Services at 757-683-4004 or