Freedom of Expression Team


The team's mission is to promote awareness of freedom of speech as a tenet to ODU's philosophy of inclusion and inform the application of law, policies, and best practices in this area.

Team activities include engaging in education and training efforts and providing guidance (referrals and resources) to address incidents where freedom of speech has been compromised and/or when the reaction of speech significantly impacts our community.

This team is not responsible for providing legal advice to individuals and/or taking disciplinary or legal action.

Members of the Team Represent the following areas:

  • Student Engagement
  • Police
  • Institutional Equity
  • Human Resources
  • Threat Assessment
  • Dean of Students
  • Faculty

This team meets each semester and as needed, to respond and help guide University's response to incidents based on the nature/severity of the incident being reported.

Freedom of Expression Team:

Executive Director, Student Engagement and Traditions Student Engagement & Traditions
Chief Of Police Police Department
AVP for Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Equity & Diversity
Dean of Students and Associate Vice President for Engagement Student Engagement & Enrollment Services
Asst Vp For Human Resources Human Resources
Threat Assessment Coord Police Department
Associate Professor Department of Educational Leadership & Workforce Development