Class Rosters

Class rosters contain confidential information about students. Security of anything containing personally identifiable information should be considered whether the roster is delivered or stored in print or electronic format.

Self-Service Class Rosters

Class rosters are available on or off campus, from the LEO Online secure self-service web site. To obtain an up-to-date class roster:

  • Log in to the LEO Online secure area
  • Select Faculty & Advisors. Class rosters are available in several formats:
    • Detail Class List includes information about the students' field of study/major and contact information, and a link to e-mail individual students or the entire class.
    • Summary Class List includes enrollment information, students' registration status, level and contact information, and a link to e-mail individual students or the entire class.
    • Web Reporting Menu-->Download a Class Rosterincludes students' level, field of study/major, site, and e-mail address as well as the course CRN(s), and can be saved as an Excel spreadsheet. This method is useful for obtaining class rosters for all your courses with one request, and/or for seeing all the students registered in a cross-listed course that may have multiple sections and students in numerous locations.

Downloading a Roster

To download a roster in spreadsheet format, select Web Reporting Menu-Download a Class Roster, then:

  • Select and submit a term
  • Select and submit a format (Excel)
  • Select and submit a report type
    • By Instructor gives rosters for all courses to which the instructor is assigned in Banner
    • By Course gives the class roster for one course (including all cross-listed sections of the course, if applicable)
  • If prompted, enter and submit your University ID number (UIN) (this report does not respond to the SSN) or the 5-digit course reference number (CRN).
  • The roster will display in spreadsheet format.

Obtaining Class Rosters

Class rosters are not e-mailed to instructors. All faculty should access their class rosters via the LEO Online secure access web site using one of the self-service options listed.

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