Bicycle Learning Lab

Tools & Resources to Fix your Bike

The Bicycle Learning Lab, located in the Outdoor Adventure Center, is open to all ODU students and SRC members. It features all of the essential tools and resources to repair and maintain your own bike. Our friendly and knowledgable bike technicians can also provide assistance and guidance as you learn the skills needed to fix your bike.


The Bicycle Learning Lab is open during Outdoor Adventure Center hours.


Stop by the Outdoor Adventure Center in the SRC or reach out by phone 757-683-3389.

Learning Lab Equipment

At the Bicycle Learning Lab there are:

  • two bike repair stands
  • a full set of bike tools
  • local resources
  • bike technicians on duty

Replacement parts are not available to purchase, but our staff can help diagnose the issue and provide information on where to purchase the necessary parts locally.

Bike Technicians

Our Bike techs are available during certain hours to assist you and help teach you the skills needed to make your own bike repairs, including how to replace a popped bicycle tube