Welcome to ODU's PhD in PAAP!

As the official acceptance process is handled through the main University Admissions Office; if you haven't already, you will need to accept your offer of admission by logging into your admission account and proceed to the Enrollment Form for admitted students. Application Status

The first thing you should do is become familiar with your University Identification Number (UIN), which was provided on your official offer of admission. It is important to know this number because you will use it often. Memorizing this number will make your transition to ODU much easier.

Now that you have been admitted, you need to activate your ODU MIDAS ID and your ODU email account. Your ODU MIDAS ID account coordinates identity and password management for the entire university and important communication will only be sent to your ODU email account.

Watch the MIDAS tutorial video to assist you with activating your ODU MIDAS ID.

  1. Visit the MIDAS portal and Click Need an account?
  2. Proceed as instructed using your University Identification Number (UIN) for your User ID. This process also activates your email.
  3. Make sure to write down your ODU MIDAS ID.
  4. Once your email is activated, visit the student email portal to access your email account.
  5. Enter your newly created ODU MIDAS ID and password.
  6. You can access your student email through the myODU portal using your ODU MIDAS ID and password.

The ODU ID card is the official form of identification for the Old Dominion University community—but it is so much more than that.

The ODU ID card is a multi-functioning campus card. In addition to serving as a form of ID to access university facilities, your card serves as a stored value campus debit card. Card Center

You will want to email Dr Lombard jlombard@odu.edu or Ms Davenport kdavenpo@odu.edu (Program Manager) to complete your initial advising. Once done, a meeting can be set up via phone, email, Zoom, or in person.

The Graduate Catalog is available for viewing and printing from myODU portal, LeoOnline or odu.edu (it includes course descriptions, info on prerequisites, certificates, etc.).

The degree evaluation tool, DegreeWorks, is available in the University Portal, myODU. On the Academic tab in the portal, you will see a new channel called "DegreeWorks." DegreeWorks is a web-based, academic advising tool designed to help students manage their academic progress. It identifies courses that fulfill requirements for your degree completion. It displays graduation requirements you've met already and those you've yet to complete. You can also generate 'What If' evaluations for future planning purposes. This can be a very powerful tool that can help you achieve your academic goals on time in collaboration with your academic advisor. DegreeWorks

All Graduate Students at ODU are required to complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training. This needs to be completed within 12 credits of starting your graduate work at ODU. Please be sure to comply with this requirement or there will be holds placed on your account after that time that we will not be able to help do anything about.

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) consists of seven core RCR Training modules. This training may be done at your convenience on your computer and you do not have to complete all seven modules in one sitting. It typically takes approximately 2 hours in total to complete.

SPS students should select the Social & Behavioral track. Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Be sure to register for the entire semester. To get further information on how to register, review the Drop, Add, Withdraw steps.

New students should register for the Colloquium - PADM 800 - a team-taught one-credit introduction to the doctoral program; it is offered every fall.

Part time students generally take 1-2 courses. Full-time students take 3 courses.

Yes, then you will want to familiarize yourself with the Distance Learning Department and the tools you will need to be a successful online student. Visit the Once You're Accepted and How It works sections especially of the distance learning website. ODUGlobal

Don't forget to get an appropriate parking pass with Transportation and Parking Services. You will be able to get your parking pass in person or simply go to the parking office website to request one there. Parking & Transportation

Books can be purchased from the University Bookstore. ODU Bookstore

You are free to order books from other sources, but make sure that you are getting the correct edition. If there is any question about the book(s), you will need to contact your instructor directly.