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The Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity promotes academic and personal responsibility, facilitates resolutions that align with the interests of the University community, and collaboratively addresses student behavior.

Philosophy of Student Conduct Administration

It is important to note that our student conduct process is designed to be primarily educational in nature.

Through our interactions with students, we strive to support the educational missions of Old Dominion University and the Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services. Toward this goal, our process is designed to provide students with opportunities for dialogue and reflection.


The specific objectives of the student conduct system are as follows:

  1. Create an environment that provides the best opportunity for academic inquiry and learning;
  2. Assure students a fundamentally fair opportunity to resolve allegations when they have been accused of violating the Code;
  3. To protect members of the University community from harm resulting from the misconduct of the few students who fail to respect the rights of others; and
  4. To help ensure order in the University community.

Report a Violation

If you need to report an emergency, do not use these forms. Instead, call the Old Dominion University Police at (757) 683-4000, or dial 911. To report a crime anonymously, please visit the ODU Police Report a Crime Webpage .

Report a Student Conduct Violation 

Any person may use this form to report a suspected violation of the Code of Student Conduct. The reporting party must provide their name and incident details.

Report a Housing/Residence Life Incident 

Students or staff of Housing & Residence Life may use this form to report violations of the Code of Student Conduct that occur in housing.

Report an Academic Integrity Violation 

Faculty members who suspect a student may have engaged in an Academic Integrity violation are strongly encouraged to consult with OSCAI staff.