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Women's Caucus:Wo-Mentoring Program

The Women's Caucus is excited to present the Wo-Mentorship program here at Old Dominion University. One of the greatest successes of the Women's Caucus has been our ability to effect positive change at the University. We feel, however, that there is still much to be done in the way of outreach. One of our first steps toward our new goals is the Wo-Mentorship program. One of the keys to success for any faculty member or faculty administrator is identifying a set of mentors. A good mentor provides support, advice and, sometimes, just a sympathetic ear. Whether you are looking for career advice or simply just to have coffee with someone who has been in your position before, this program will work for you. The Women's Caucus membership provides a source of amazing individuals who will serve as mentors at all levels and from all disciplines.

The program does not offer any formal requirements for Wo-Mentors or Wo-Mentees so the relationships can evolve naturally. Individuals at all levels are encouraged to participate. For example, an individual at the mid-level of her career may request both to mentor someone in her early career and to become a mentee of a more experienced member. Mentorship relationships of all kinds are encouraged. Current and former department chairs are also encouraged to sign up as mentors for new chairs.

If you would like to know more about this program, please contact Wie Yusuf (jyusuf@odu.edu).