Undergraduate Program

Students in the Ocean and Earth Science program focus on the global systems that control environmental conditions. They also learn to develop solutions to complex environmental problems by working in multidisciplinary teams.

All majors in the department complete courses in the basic sciences and mathematics, core courses in earth systems science, and a capstone field research experience. In addition, students complete a suite of specialty courses according to their chosen concentrations. (Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Geology, and Earth Science Education)


Students must select one of the seven areas of emphasis: Biological, Chemical, or Physical Oceanography; Geology; Earth Science Education; Environmental Science; Marine Science Technology. Four-year course plans for each below:

Changes for Fall 2024

Ocean & Earth Sciences undergraduate curriculum tracks will be changing in Fall 2024 catalog. Please contact the Chief Department Advisor, Dr. Hale or your advisor.