Graduate Students


The members of the Graduate Faculty serve as Graduate Advisors. Graduate Advisors guide the students in the fulfillment of the graduate requirement in the best interest of the students. In order to best serve the students, these advisors will be available to the students during their posted office hours. Students are supposed to choose their advisors based on their mutual research interests. The Graduate Program Director will be the temporary advisor for all the graduate students.

Please contact the graduate program director (GPD) Dr. Landman for graduate advising.

International Students

The policy of OPT has been changed. A new STEM OPT becomes available to graduate students. Please check the related VISA web pages for details.

The student who is submitting the OPT form to seek GPD's signature needs to bring a signed memo to GPD stating:

  • Your current academic status, including GPA, finished courses in each semester.

  • A signed letter from your project or thesis advisor that confirms the semester of graduation.