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Arts in the News

Luisa A. Igloria

First in verse

With an astounding pedigree, Old Dominion University is where bards flourish. Luisa A. Igloria says Old Dominion University grows good poets. And she should know – the award-winning writer, ODU professor and Virginia’s current poet laureate has helped cultivate a few, including Natalie Diaz, a MacArthur “genius” grant recipient who won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for her collection “Postcolonial Love Poem.” (More)


Meet ODU's Cullen Strawn

With a family of artists going back generations, it’s no surprise that Cullen Buckminster Strawn gravitated toward a career in the arts. Today Cullen serves as Executive Director for the Arts at Old Dominion University. Let’s learn more about his journey to ODU. (More)

Elizabeth King and Richard Kizu-Blair, What Happened

VEER: 'ART: From Automata To Robots'

Springboarding from the Barry Museum’s collection of historical automata, this three-prong exhibition highlights intersections between art, science, and emotion asking, somewhat paradoxically, how robots can better help us understand our own humanity. (More)


Art from Guantánamo Bay detainees on display at ODU

rtists often create to escape. Detainees at Guantánamo Bay also did it to survive. Via a video call, former detainee Mansoor Adayfi told WAVY, “In your mind, in your soul, you are somewhere else — the sea, the sky, or the forest.” (More)


'Art from Guantanamo' draws mixed reactions

An exhibit in the United States featuring artwork from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp has been drawing mixed reactions from the public. About 100 works of art by detainees and others at the US prison in Cuba are on display at Old Dominion University in the state of Virginia. (More)


Art from Guantanamo Bay

Six artists. Over 100 artworks. Fifteen years, give or take. The artists in this rare exhibition include both current detainees at Guantánamo Bay (Moath Al Alwi and Ahmed Rabbani) and former (Muhammad Ansi, Abdualmalik Alrahabi Abud, Sabri Al Qurashi, Mansoor Adayfi), none of whom were or have been charged with a crime. (More)


Life and Limb: Works by Matt Sesow

“Life and Limb: Works by Matt Sesow,” opened Tuesday and runs through Dec. 18. It contains more than 225 works, including wall drawings and paintings inspired by his weeklong residency in Norfolk this spring. Also in the show are 13 originals from the iconic neo-expressionist painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, who died at 27 in 1988. (More)

Hampton Roads Show preview

Community Connection: ODU exhibit ‘Life and Limb'

Calling all art lovers! In a few days, ODU will open a new exhibit featuring the work of artist Matt Sesow. The show spans Sesow's career as a self-taught artist, featuring works inspired by his world travels and residencies, including a recent week he spent in Norfolk. (More)


VEER: For Life & Limb

Everyone, it seems, has heard of Matt Sesow even if they don't own a painting by him, though it also seems everyone has one—or three—of those. And that is by design. As Sesow says, since he makes his sole living by selling his art, he is fortunate that he enjoys the marketing and selling as much as the making. With no painting priced over $1K and most far less than that, the prices for these paintings are intentionally set within most everyone's reach. But their magnetic appeal extends far beyond their price tag. (More)

News ODU Market

The Magic of the Market

Opening a brick-and-mortar business in the middle of a global pandemic might not seem like a wise move, but Ty and Christine Harrell have made it work—not by promoting their Equinox Coffee Co. brand, but by launching a weekly open-air market in Old Dominion University’s University Village. (More)

Barry Art Museum Hannah Ruhoff

The Barry Art Museum at ODU: "Fledgling but growing fast. (The Virginian-Pilot)

Charlotte Potter Kasic moved back to Hampton Roads a year ago to do what she does best: create. In her previous life in Norfolk, she helped build the Chrysler Museum of Art’s Glass Studio and was a co-founder of Norfolk’s NEON Festival. This go-round, Kasic returned as manager of education and engagement at the Barry Art Museum at Old Dominion University. She started the job last January; two months later the building closed because of the pandemic. (More)

Barry Art Museum

The impact of COVID-19 on the arts (WTKR)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the arts, ranging from lost revenue to lost opportunities for artists. At ODU, Executive Director for the Arts Cullen Strawn says they've tried to mitigate some of the losses by turning to virtual experiences. (More)

For All to See

Banksy piece on display at ODU galleries through April 7 (WTKR)

You’ve heard of the elusive Banksy – now here’s your chance to see one of his pieces up close and personal. The anonymous English street artist’s work “Haight Street Rat” will be on display at Old Dominion University’s Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries as a featured exhibition from now until April 7. (More)


Barry Art Museum brings 24,000 square feet of art in many forms to ODU's campus

Two life-size pieces of art greet visitors when they enter the Barry Art Museum at Old Dominion University. When you look up, there's a chandelier created by famed glass artist Dale Chihuly. The 260 glass pieces in shades of brown and amber form a 600-pound column that catches the light reflected off the glass panels on the museum's front wall. (More)

Andrey Kasparov and Oksana Lutsyshyn

Harpsichords Ring-in 50th Anniversary of Norfolk Chamber Consort

Old Dominion University Professor of Music Andrey Kasparov and Oksana Lutsyshyn have been the dynamic piano duo co-chairing the prestigious Norfolk Chamber Consort since 2009. Through their collaborative artistic vision the Consort has continued to flourish and inspire university students, classical music enthusiasts, patrons and newcomers to the arts. (More)

Savitsky B

Tapping into the art of trains at ODU - Daily Press

Nearly 200 years after thousands of wide-eyed spectators turned out for the historic first run of Locomotion No. 1 in northern England, the defining icon of the Industrial Revolution still has the power to command attention. Sight, sound, smell and the shaking of the ground combine to bombard the senses with an unmistakable presence — inspiring artists for generations. (More)

Exhibition of Monumental Wood Sculptures

Morgan Herrin at ODU - Whurk Magazine

Gazing at a Morgan Herrin sculpture is like stumbling upon a shipwrecked treasure from another planet. His wood-carved, larger-than-life sized monuments to antiquity are infused with a surreal sci-fi sensibility: craggy barnacles, starfish, and coral adorn the face of an old-world bust, armor-clad knights melt into stalactite formations, and a 5,300-year-old mummy raises his arms to the modern world. (More)


To Life: Roz Chast & 16 others, at ODU's LitFest - The Virginian Pilot

It’s turning 40 and, say the organizers of ODU’s literary festival, it’s not slowing down. So this year they’ve picked the theme “Lust for Life: Still Sexy at 40.” The Old Dominion University festival, an annual weeklong affair, will start next Sunday with a restaurant reception, then peak Thursday night with a talk by Roz Chast, the famously witty New Yorker cartoonist and cover artist giving the President’s Lecture Series address. That lecture, typically packed, will be at 7:30 p.m. at the Ted Constant Convocation Center on Hampton Boulevard. (More)

Lust for Life Slide

Still Lit After all these Years - Alt Daily

Old Dominion University will host its 40th Annual Literary Festival, "Lust for Life," from Sunday 1 October to Thursday 5 October, 2017. This weeklong festival will bring 17 internationally known writers and artists to Norfolk to present their work to students, faculty, and the public. The festival's President's Lecture Series guest will be Roz Chast, whose 2014 book Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? became the first-ever graphic memoir to win a National Book Critics Circle Award. (More)