2021 Graphic Design Senior Exit Review

2021 Graphic Design Senior Exit Review Poster by Caroline Fo

Graphic Design at ODU

The Graphic Design program at Old Dominion University provides a solid foundation of traditional art experiences and design practices and principles to build students'

ability to create dynamic visual solutions. The core graphic design curriculum stresses essential competencies in conceptual problem solving, research, analysis and articulation, aesthetics, design theory, productivity, and the application of technology, necessary for both advanced exploration and entry into professional practice.

The Graphic Design Senior Exit Review provides graphic design students with an opportunity to present their graduating portfolio or thesis project to local professionals, family, friends, and the community. The event also celebrates the accomplishments and recognition each graduating class has accumulated on their way to graduation and employment. This site showcases the students who participated in the 2021 review.

* This year's poster was designed by Caroline Foster.

Meet the Participants

Danielle Bauer logo

Danielle Bauer

Hello, my name is Danielle! I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Old Dominion University [May 2021] with specialties in type designing, branding, and photo manipulation. Outside of my schooling, I have created branding for four working businesses. My education has allowed me to refine my creative process, successfully develop conceptual solutions, and work with other creatives on exacting deadlines. I look forward to continuing my professional journey.


Alexis Blizzard logo

Alexis Blizzard

Hi there! My name is Alexis Blizzard, I'm a graphic designer based in Suffolk, Virginia. From a young age, I have always had a passion for art. My interests are in branding, poster design, and illustration. I enjoy taking on challenges and opportunities that will strengthen my skills as a designer. I believe that businesses and brands can flourish with designing the perfect visual concept. I look forward to working with clients and helping bring their vision to life.

Aysia Brown logo

Aysia Brown

Hello! My name is Aysia Brown. I am a Virginia based Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I will be graduating from Old Dominion University in May 2021 with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and a Minor in Marketing. I have been very passionate about designing and creating art ever since I was a child. I love to take on new challenges and I believe I am able to tackle any project that is thrown at me. In my spare time I learn new things, try out new foods, and watching anything that has to do with mysteries.

Steph Buckley logo

Steph Buckley

Hi! I'm Steph, a graphic and web designer based in Portsmouth, Virginia. I'm a recent graduate from Old Dominion University where I earned a BFA in Graphic Design. Since childhood, I've been interested in art, science and sports. Starting my career in social work made me resourceful and well versed with collaborating with others. While in the ODU Graphic Design program, I sharpened my creative skills and enjoyed resolving design problems through any means necessary. Most of my inspiration comes from nature. Check out my resume and let's collaborate on your next creative project.

Anthony Evasco logo

Anthony Evasco

Anthony Evasco graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design; he has a particular interest in branding, typography, motion design, and more! He is currently working in Virginia Beach as a Multimedia Graphic Designer for Matbock.

Kayla Everett logo

Kayla Everett

Hey there, my name is Kayla Everett. I am originally from Castle Rock, Washington, a tiny town about three hours south of Seattle. After high school I went into the United States Air Force where I was a medical technician for four years. I used to think that I wanted a career in medicine, but after four years of hands-on experience I decided to switch gears. I am now equipped with a BFA with a double major in graphic design and art history from Old Dominion University. My favorite projects typically include manipulating typography and making it the focal point of the design. I also love publication design and brand identity, but I always embrace the opportunity to work out of my comfort zone and build my skills. In addition to graphic design, I enjoy writing and researching. I have presented numerous art history papers at symposiums which has given me confidence in public speaking and communicating ideas effectively. My art history degree has also provided me with valuable copy editing and copy writing skills. I believe that exquisite design is a product of both brains and beauty, which I am able to execute with my unique set of skills.

Caroline Foster logo

Caroline Foster

Hello, I am Caroline Foster, a graphic designer currently based in Norfolk, Virginia. I will be graduating with my B.F.A. in graphic design from Old Dominion University in May of 2021.

I enjoy pouring my creativity into projects that are challenging and push my skills and process. I believe that design has the power to push change, invoke thought, and make our world more beautiful, inclusive, and functional. I love to solve problems and streamline processes to save time and money. I have really enjoyed creating branding solutions, custom stationery, and working directly with clients to meet their needs and take their business or cause to the next level.

Bethany Holdcroft logo

Bethany Holdcroft

Hey, I'm Bethany. I'm a graphic designer based out of Norfolk, VA. I have an avid passion for clean, intelligent, creative design. I'm all about taking on new challenges and opportunities to strengthen my abilities as a designer. My skills and passions include packaging, poster, and all things illustration. Anything where I can play with a clean limited color palette is my strong suit. I'm more than willing to travel to wherever I'm needed for work. Outside of design I enjoy traveling, drawing still lives, and playing video games.

Avis Keeling logo

Avis Keeling

Hi! My name is Avis Keeling. I'm a 2021 graduate of Old Dominion University's Graphic Design program. My interests span from advertising to editorial, with a budding interest in letterpress and printmaking. I take pride in being my authentic self and being dedicated to producing quality work. Aside from design, I enjoy learning new skills; my current interests are creating digital portraits, planning events, and working on DIY crafts. Feel free to contact me to get started on a project!

Gabriela Magana logo

Gabriela Magana

Hi! My name is Gabriela, and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Norfolk, Virginia. I am a recent graduate from Old Dominion University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. From an early age, I have been creating and engaged in the arts building up a passion and background I can now professionally share through pursuing new challenges to strengthen my skills as a designer. My interests include illustration and branding; however, I strive to immerse myself in all things design and use my marketing skills to provide clients with work representative of their vision. When I'm not behind my screen, I enjoy traveling, painting, reading various novels that stretch on the eerie side, and watching British drama programs with my fur babies.

Hanna Parker logo

Hannah Parker

Hi there! I'm Hannah Parker and I'm a graphic designer based in Hampton Roads, VA. I'm a graduate from Old Dominion University with a BFA in Graphic Design. I've enjoyed art from a very young age, but my love for design came to fruition when I took a class in high school where I used photoshop for the first time. My skills include illustration, typography, branding, and advertising.

Robin Weise logo

Robin Weise

Currently majoring in graphic design, I will receive my BFA this May from Old Dominion University. Over the years I have gained experience conceptualizing, designing, and producing illustrations, photography, and promotional branding systems for digital and print mediums through my classes and freelance jobs. The process of creative problem solving and artistic communication has been a lifelong enjoyment for me. As a child, I was always encouraged to think creatively, planting the seed for my love of storytelling in photography, books, movies, and games. Since then I have decided to focus those experiences as a viewer into a passion for design and learning how to communicate visually as a creator. I have a passion for exploration and by consequence I have a broad range of experience in different topics and skill sets. Finding ways to bring all parts of my life into my designs and growing my knowledge is one of the most important things to me as a designer. In doing so I can continue to learn and push my work beyond itself everyday.

Breton Spangler logo

Breton Spangler

Greetings! I'm Breton Spangler, a graphic designer from Virginia Beach, VA. I am interested in creating conceptual designs that offer a fun and creative solution. While I enjoy many parts of design, I particularly like branding, publication, and illustration. I can't wait to learn more about design and other topics in this ever-changing world.

Amber Wilson logo

Amber Wilson

Meet Amber Wilson, the constant day dreamer, early runner, and bad galloping dancer Amber Wilson. She loves to focus on playful practice and human-centered design that cultivates human connections. Her biggest hope is to understand how design can become transparent for new designers by sharing knowledge. Her ultimate goal is to work alongside visionaries and innovators who share a belief in the power of changing the world by design.

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Chi Zimmerman logo

Chi Zimmerman

Hi! My name is Chi Zimmerman, and I am a graphic designer from Virginia. I particularly like to work in advertising, branding, and web/mobile app design, but I am a fast learner that is always up for any challenge and learning new programs! Since I like my work to focus on what makes something unique, my art style tends to have a clean and quirky aesthetic. When I'm not designing, you can find me exploring new cities, jogging, eating local desserts, or browsing through the shelves of bookstores for inspiration!

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