For Community Partners

Freshman Service Experience

Are you a community or campus partner and need help recruiting volunteers for your agency or a volunteer project you are managing? Our Helper Helper platform allows you to post volunteer opportunities that ODU students and staff can view, as well as manage your registered volunteers.

Here's how you can join Helper Helper and share events with the ODU community:

  • Email with your organization name and contact information for the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Once you've been added to ODU's Helper Helper account, go to and select "Need a password for the first time?"
  • Request a password using the email address provided to ODU's team
  • Click on the "Opportunities" tab and select "Add opportunity"
  • Fill out required fields and click "Save." Your volunteer opportunity will be available to ODU's team to approve!

Once we approve your event, ODU users will be able to register for your event, and you will be able to manage volunteers, check them in using the app, and validate their hours.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our staff at!