Top Hat

Top Hat is a student response system and comprehensive teaching platform that instructors can use to engage students both in and out of the classroom with interactive slides, graded questions, customized content, videos, discussions and polls. Students use their own web-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even traditional cell phones) to participate in active learning activities. Top Hat is integrated with Canvas for one-click roster and gradebook synchronization.

Get Started

    Top Hat Textbook

    Adopt and customize affordable, interactive textbooks, or create your own.

    • Professors assign interactive readings and identify misconceptions using interwoven assessments.
    • Students actively read and assess as they go, then come to class prepared.

    Top Hat Classroom

    Leverage students' devices to increase in-class engagement and get real-time feedback.

    • Professors identify gaps in comprehension and course-correct as they deliver content.
    • Students are actively engaged with the professor, the content and each other through discussions that increase comprehension and motivate learning.

    Top Hat Test

    Securely administer exams and quizzes directly on students' devices.

    • Professors securely deliver exams in class on students' devices to assess learning. Cheating is minimized and academic integrity is kept high.
    • Students demonstrate concept mastery with exams administed on their own devices.

    Top Hat Assignment

    Create and personalize homework to build student comprehension.

    • Professors extend the active learning process after class using advanced question types and flexible assignment options, all designed to help deepen students' comprehension.
    • Students use the homework and review functions to get feedback on where they most need to focus.

    Get Help

    If you're interested in using Top Hat in your courses, contact our dedicated Top Hat support representative Kevin Shaw at All current users can reach out directly to Emily Dulhanty at for support.

    Technical Support for Top Hat
    Top Hat has direct support at 888-663-5491, chat support, or send an email to You can also find online help in the Knowledge Base and Teaching Resources.