Lecture Capture in Extended Classrooms

Class in session

In ODU extended classrooms, instructors can use Zoom to broadcast and record what is presented in a traditional classroom and archive the recording for students to review on demand. If you've taken advantage of Lecture Capture in the past, extended classrooms offer the same recording capability plus the ability to broadcast live classes. Recordings are posted directly to the course's Canvas page.


From our technology classrooms, Zoom can record any source that is connected to the projector, including video from a computer, slides from a laptop, or images from a document camera. Some classrooms have additional cameras that can record the front of the room. (This is used a lot in math classes, for example, to record the formulas written on the whiteboard.) Video can be recorded at full 1080p.


Audio is recorded from the presenter's microphone. Some rooms have ceiling microphones that help capture student questions. In larger lecture halls, you can request a Catchbox -- a foam-encased microphone that's meant to be tossed around the room, allowing audience responses to be heard more clearly in classroom recordings.

Please contact Classroom Central for additional information about extended classroom technology.

Starting a Recording

From the classroom's touch screen control panel, click "Lecture Capture." This effectively starts a Zoom meeting, records the meeting to the cloud and stores the meeting in Canvas My Media.

The system automatically knows which room you're in, which class is assigned to that room, and which instructor is assigned to that class.

Meetings started with the "Lecture Capture" button do not show up in the Course Collaboration Tool. Your students will not see a link to the meeting and will not be able to attend live.

Uses for Class Recordings

Recorded lectures are intended to supplement lectures, not replace them. Lecture Capture has been shown to reduce DFWI rates and increase student performance. Here are some other ways to make use of classroom recordings:

Share classroom lectures with online students. Are you teaching the same course online and live? Share your live classroom interaction with your online students and they'll feel more engaged.

Snow effect. Use lecture capture to record lectures that are cancelled because of bad weather.

Faculty development. Instructors can review their courses to fine-tune their teaching skills.

Athletes. Students who travel with their sports team or student organization don't have to miss class when they're on the road.

Exam review. Student views increase during exam time.

Extended Classrooms Locations

The following classrooms are equipped with Zoom-integrated technology: