SharePoint is a multipurpose online service that facilitates secure collaboration between Old Dominion University faculty & staff members. It provides a single location to communicate with team members, find organizational information, manage content and workflow, and leverage business insight to make better-informed decisions.

Accessing SharePoint

Once you sign into Office 365, click "sites" to access the SharePoint sites that you follow.

SharePoint is available for a variety of users at ODU, but you will need permission to access SharePoint sites. If you need SharePoint access, contact your department head or project lead.

ODU Employees

Click on the button above and log in with your ODU email address and MIDAS password. From there, click on the "Sites" tile to see all of the sites you follow.


Contact the owner of the site you need to access. You'll need a Microsoft account.


Supported Browsers

Fully Supported

  • Internet Explorer

Supported with limitations

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Collaboration - Allow teams to work together, publish documents, maintain task lists and calendars, implement workflows and share information through wikis & blogs.
  • Portals - Create a personal MySite portal that provides users social networking capabilities, including sharing information, documents, pictures, status updates, etc.
  • Enterprise Content Management - Create, manage and store documents, records and web content.
  • Business Process and Forms - Create workflow and electronic forms to automate and streamline your business processes.
  • Business Intelligence - Allow employees to access critical business information and analyze data to make more informed decisions.


Business/Site Owner

  • Responsible for 'owning' and directing a specific piece of the SharePoint site, relevant to their department, or team.
  • Authorizes access to their sites.
  • Approves creation of sites and subsites.

Site Administrator

  • Responsible for site provisioning of all sub-sites in the site collection.
  • Responsible for administering and maintaining the site and subsites.
  • Manages the permissions, groups and access to SharePoint sites.
  • Responsible for reviewing space usage by the site collection.
  • Provide 1st level support for users of the site.
  • Perform content item restore from the site collection recycle bin as requested by their users.
  • Serves as point of contact for their members.

Hit 'Create site' on the SharePoint landing page.

All top level SharePoint sites have Site Administrator who is mainly responsible for the maintenance, security and access of that site. Your department chair or director should have the contact information for the Site Administrator.

Note: A Site Owner can also be the Site Administrator.

Advance authorization is required. Contact the lead team member of your project to request access and permission.

As a Site Owner, you can give permission to ODU employees who have MIDAS accounts. SharePoint Farm Administrators are the only people who can grant access and permission to non-ODU users to an ODU SharePoint site. Email to request access.