Research Computing Services supports ODU Researcher's needs by providing high performance computing clusters, support for sensitive and regulated date research and storage for research data. These systems are available for use by university researchers and students to advance the university's research goals.

We support multiple High Performance Computing clusters providing both symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and shared memory computers for parallel programming applications.

In addition, we support several specialized environments support sensitive and regulated data including CUI and HIPAA.

A multi-terabyte storage access network (SAN) is available to provide research activities with secure storage of research data.

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Research Support

We offer consulting services to help with your research computing needs. Our goal is your research excellence!


Our Wahab, Turing and Hadoop clusters provide the highest level of computing power.


Our robust cloud offering is built on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure for flexible, scalable research computing workloads.


There are several storage options available to researchers. We can help you choose the storage solution that's right for you.


We maintain a robust, broadband, high-speed communications network.


When working with restricted and sensitive data, be mindful of where it is stored.


We have partnered with several organizations and also offer in-house training for the ODU researchers who use our powerful computing resources.

Pre/Post Award

We ask that any research using compute time on the Old Dominion University high performance computing environment reference its use in reports or publications.