Audio/Visual Design

Building Technology Spaces

Classroom Central provides design consultations and audiovisual installations for classrooms and conference rooms around campus. If you'd like to create a new technology-enabled room, or if you'd like to update an existing room, we'll meet with you to discuss options and budgets.

We have a few core designs already in place that can be used or modified to fit most technology requests.

Classroom Standard

Technology Classroom

Classroom Collaboration/Presentation

This room includes a wireless presentation system that works with laptops or tablets. All equipment is controlled by a touch-screen panel mounted in the instructor desk. Optional Lecture Capture capability allows faculty to record or live stream lectures from a high-definition camera.* There is also a support phone mounted on the wall near the instructor desk that gives the instructor direct support from ITS Classroom Central.

Additional features:

  • Digital ceiling-mounted projector
  • Pull-down projection screen
  • Whiteboard
  • Distributed sound system

*Learn more about Lecture Capture and see which classrooms are already equipped with Capture technology.

Conference Room Standards

Conference Room with Big Screen Display

Hybrid Collaboration/Presentation

  • This design is primarily built for video conferencing. The included touch-screen device features a professional microphone and auto-tracking camera, great for collaborating with others in remote locations.
  • Additionally, you have the option to connect your own device (wired or wirelessly) for content sharing.
Conference Room with Zoom

In-Person Collaboration/Presentation

  • This design is great for sharing local content and presentations among a group of people gathered in the same room. Connect your own device (wired or wirelessly) or access content from the built-in PC.
  • Local PC also allows for video conferencing, with a 4k webcam and a microphone included.

Enhanced (optional add-on)

  • Add a sound bar with an integrated professional microphone and auto-tracking camera.

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