Meet the Housing Staff

Housing and Residence Life

Housing & Residence Life employs approximately 40 full-time professional staff, 13 graduate assistants, and over 300 student employees on an annual basis to fill the varying needs of our residential population.

We are very proud of our diverse staff and the various skills that they bring to enhance your experience at ODU.

Student Employees Hired as RAs and other employees

Desk Receptionists

One of our front lines of staff in the residence halls and apartment complexes is our desk receptionists. Desk receptionists are full-time students who work at one of our front desks and assist with the general administrative functions of our residential facilities. If you have a question about your mail, a package, or simply locked yourself out of your room, our desk receptionists are there to help!

Resident Assistants

Our staff includes graduate and undergraduate students who live in the halls and serve as Residence Assistants (RAs). These students are carefully selected for their leadership ability, interpersonal skills, and passion for helping others and undergo extensive training each academic year. They are the first level of support for students and are ready to help in many ways, ranging from answering simple questions about university life to facilitating programming and educational initiatives to ensure our students are off to a good start here at ODU.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants (GAs) are full-time students currently pursuing a Master's Degree. As pre-professional staff members, the GAs oversees front desk operations and assists the Residence Hall Directors in managing the day to day functions of the residence halls and complexes. In order to provide 24-hour emergency response and assistance, each GA lives on-campus in one of our residential facilities.

Residence Hall Directors

Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) are responsible for the overall functions and operations of each of our residential facilities. RHDs are full-time employees who have advanced degrees (a minimum of a Master's Degree) in college student development, higher education administration, and other related fields.

RHDs received advanced training each year to be prepared to respond to emergencies; advise students on personal, social, and academic needs; monitor student conduct; and promote a positive living and learning environment. Each RHD lives on-campus to provide 24-hour emergency response and assistance to our students and reports directly to the Area Coordinator.