Ireland House

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Ireland House offers suite-style living options on the Runte Quad with single and double rooms available. Ireland House is unique in that each suite contains a common living room, one bathroom for every two students, and a predominance of single rooms. Each suite contains either four single bedrooms or two double bedrooms, with no more than four residents per suite.

This residence hall features plenty of community spaces for hanging out with friends and the private study spaces are a great place to host a study session before a big exam.

Ireland House features:

  • Single and double rooms
  • Community spaces for hanging out with friends
  • Private study spaces to host a study sessions

Category Details
Building Size 204
Location Runte Quad
Hall Single gender suites
Hallways Co-ed
Room Style Single or double occupancy
Bathrooms 1 per 2 students
Dining Plan Required
Break Housing Residence halls remain open during breaks, with the exception of Winter Break. 


On Campus Address:

Resident's Name
4601 Elkhorn Avenue
Room #
Norfolk, VA 23508

Hall Phone Numbers:

757-683-4427 (Community Desk)
757-683-3968 (Residence Hall Director)
757-683-3301 (Assistant Residence Hall Director)

Residence Hall communities offer 24-hour desk services.

  • Adjustable Extra Long Twin Bed (36"x80")
  • Desk
  • Dresser
  • Chair
  • Closet with clothes rod and shelf

Room Layouts

Virginia and Ireland Floor Plans
Virginia and Ireland Floor Plans

Each bathroom is furnished with one toilet and one shower with a shower curtain/rod. A sink with mirror is provided in each bedroom. One bathroom per two students.

Ireland House is the home to the Service-Learning Community. To learn more about our communities, visit the Living-Learning Communities page.

  • 24-hour information desk
  • Secured with ODU ID card access
  • Air-conditioned
  • Housekeeping for community areas
  • Laundry rooms
  • Kitchenettes on designated floors
  • Study spaces & shared lounges on each floor
  • Wireless residential community. In lieu of hardwired coaxial cables and ethernet ports, streaming TV service and wireless Internet are available. To use these services, students should verify that their computer is able to connect to WiFi, and that their TV has an HDMI port (a SmartTV is not required).
  • Wireless printing
  • Movie Streaming
  • Coeducational
  • Vending Machines

Ireland House has a 9-month contract commitment which covers the fall and spring semesters. Each semester is billed separately, due dates are established by the Office of Finance.