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Health Sciences Building Groundbreaking

March 26, 2021

Our new Health Sciences building will house the schools of Dental Hygiene, Rehabilitation Science (physical therapy, occupational therapy and athletic training), and Medical Diagnostics and Translational Sciences. The spaces in the building will include research and teaching laboratories, simulation laboratories, classrooms, faculty and staff offices, student and faculty interaction and collaboration spaces, and a physical and occupational therapy clinic.

The Dental Hygiene clinic will increase from 30 to 36 chairs and the future Faschini Wallach Center for Restorative Therapies will grow to 11,000 square feet.

Naming opportunities in our new Health Sciences building will enhance the educational value of the university and enable you to have an enduring place on campus. Funds will be used to support the clinics, provide vouchers to underserved members of the community and programmatic needs of the College of Health Sciences. Naming opportunities begin at $5,000 and increase all the way up to naming the entire building.

Information on the patients served in the clinics:

The Dental Hygiene Clinic provides oral preventive care services to over 1,860 patients totaling approximately $80,000 in services on average annually.

Our current ODU Monarch Physical Therapy Clinic is dedicated to providing the Hampton Roads community with a unique rehabilitation experience that draws on faculty expertise and research. Since its opening in 2014, over 2,300 new patients have been seen at over 35,000 appointments. In 2020, during a time of great need in our community, 300 new patients have been seen at over 5,800 appointments.

Continuing to Grow

Message from Bonnie Van Lunen, Dean of the College of Health Sciences


We are incredibly excited about the new Health Sciences building which will be located at 41st street and Monarch Way! This 3 floor state-of-the-art facility will house the Schools of Dental Hygiene, Rehabilitation Sciences (athletic training, kinesiology and rehabilitation, occupational therapy and physical therapy), as well as research labs for the School of Medical Diagnostic and Translational Sciences.

The building will also be the home of the Sofia and David Konikoff Dental Hygiene Care Facility which will increase services for the community through the addition of more dental chairs and added services. Thanks to a generous gift from Andrew Wallach and Cynthia Faschini we will be renaming the Monarch Physical Therapy Clinic to the Faschini Wallach Center for Restorative Therapies. This gift will enable us to increase our footprint to 11,000 square feet and expand our services to provide more comprehensive rehabilitation and post-rehab services as well as include a pediatric gym and community work area. Our clinical classroom and lab space will be exemplary, allowing for interactive teaching opportunities across the board. Lastly, our new building will be home to a new cadaver lab which will serve as the foundation for anatomical instruction for our health professions students.

Meanwhile, we will continue to have a presence in Virginia Beach for the School of Nursing, and our other programs in public health, environmental health and medical diagnostic and translational science will expand within our current building. We look forward to preparing more of your preferred healthcare providers and health professionals!

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Imagine seeing your name or a loved one's name on a classroom, a state-of-the-art research lab, dental hygiene cubicle or physical therapy treatment room. Consider contributing to healthcare education, research and services.

Watch Our Progress

See the livestream camera of our progress on the new Health Sciences Building, hosted by Hourigan Construction.


Be part of this project

Your gift will allow us to provide exceptional learning experiences and cutting-edge research for our students, as well as clinic care for our community members.

Please contact Manisha Sharma for information on how you can get involved in this transformative project for the College of Health Sciences. Explore opportunities to name a space in the new Health Sciences building and further advance our mission. Visit Naming opportunities.

Ms. Manisha Sharma, Major Gift Officer

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