George McLeod, PhD

George McLeod directs the Center for Geospatial Science, Education, and Analytics and promotes the implementation of geospatial technologies throughout the University and the surrounding region. In his capacity as Senior Fellow for the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resilience (CCRFR) he frequently collaborates on coastal hazards and flooding resilience research efforts. As an engaged member of the broader community of coastal resilience and geospatial professionals, he regularly gives presentations at regional & national meetings and contributes to both academic & professional publications. He has developed and taught courses in GIS, Cartography, Remote Sensing, Field Methods, UAV operations, and Geospatial Intelligence.

Andrew Mounsey

Enterprise GIS Manager Andrew Mounsey joined ODU in April of 2013. He was formerly employed by ESRI, the world's leading provider of GIS software, and hails originally from Newcastle, England. Andrew is enthusiastic about FOSS (Free Open Source Software), and its increasing use in the field of Geomatics. Open Source databases such as PostgreSQL are an important part of the infrastructure at the University, and Andrew feels that their use will continue to expand as new Visualization tools emerge that leverage their inherent capabilities and likewise make use of their compatibility with ESRI software.

Christopher Davis

GIS Analyst Christopher Davis joined ODU in January of 2020. He was formerly employed as a GIS Analyst for the Middle Georgia Regional Commission in Macon, Georgia, and as a Coastal Hazards & Coastal Resilience GIS Specialist for NOAA's Center for Oceanographic Products and Services in Silver Spring, Maryland. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Georgia and a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Kennesaw State University. Chris applies his experience in local, state, and federal government GIS to provide ODU faculty, staff, and external stakeholders with inspired geospatial products and solutions.

Yin-Hsuen Chen

Geospatial Data Scientist Yin-Hsuen Chen joined ODU in February 2022. She received her Ph.D. degree from the Department of Geography, University of Florida and continuous her postdoctoral research in the same department. She applies geospatial techniques in various studies and her research interest includes (1) the social-economic impacts from natural hazards to coastal communities, (2) influences of anthropogenic activities to river floodplain systems, and (3) applying geospatial techniques for geovisualization to enhance environmental communication.

Blake Steiner

Geospatial Developer Blake Steiner joined ODU in August of 2022. He received his Master of Science degree and certificate in Geographic Information Science from the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona. There he worked on a verity of projects, such as developing a free tool to assess urban heat vulnerability. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from ODU, and he returns to utilize his experience with stakeholder collaboration, remote sensing, modeling, geomatics, and ecohydrology to serve ODU and its partners.

Student Interns

Daniel Perez is a senior undergraduate in the Ocean and Earth Sciences Department at ODU pursuing a BS degree in Oceanography with a specialty in Physical Oceanography. He also collaborates with members of the Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography and the Institute for Coastal Adaptation and Resilience. His current interests and research focus are on integrating land elevation and water depth observations from sonar and LiDAR sensors on autonomous drones (both airborne and waterborne) using GIS techniques. Daniel is very active in local research and in the education of the local population to improve our community’s understanding of ocean and geographic information science.

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