Associate Professor
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Dipankar Ghosh

NORFOLK, 23529

Dr. Dipankar Ghosh joined the faculty of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Old Dominion University in 2014. Prior joining to ODU, Dr. Ghosh was a postdoctoral scholar in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science at California Institute of Technology. He also held a position of postdoctoral associate in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at University of Florida. He completed PhD in Mechanical Engineering, 2009, from the University of Florida. He has a BS in Chemical Technology/Ceramic Engineering from the Calcutta University, India, and MS in Materials Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

Freezing of ceramic and metallic suspensions and polymer solutions and subsequent phase separation during solidification process has emerged as a novel methodology, which allows us to replicate a variety of features such as layered architecture, pore morphology and complex interfaces that we observe in natural materials, such as fish scale, nacreous shell, pangolin scale, wood and bone. One of the emergent techniques is freeze-casting (also known as as ice-templating), which was initially motivated by the natural freezing process that occurs in seawater. My group is primarily working on advancing the ice-templating technology for synthesis and design of novel hierarchical ceramics and composites with a multidisciplinary research approach. Ice-templated ceramics and composites have tremendous potential for numerous structural and functional engineering endeavors. We focus on developing novel tools for materials synthesis and characterization. Our research is oriented in developing the materials and research tools for targeted applications. Other research interests include high-strain behavior of hierarchical materials and additive manufacturing of materials. In addition to graduate students, my group has strongly emphasized on creating research experience opportunities for undergraduate students, and K-12 students and teachers.

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, (2009)

M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, (2004)

B.S. in Chemical Technology, University of Calcutta, (2002)

Research Interests

External forces for particle manipulation in ceramic suspensions
Anisometric particles in the synthesis of ice-templated ceramics
Synthesis of ice-templated ceramics for Li-ion battery application
Dynamic behavior of ice-templated ceramics and composites


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Book Chapters

Ghosh, D. and Subhash, G. (2013). Recent progress in Zr(Hf)B2 based ultrahigh temperature ceramics Handbook of Advanced Ceramics: Materials, Applications, Processing, and Properties (pp. 267--299) Elsevier Inc.
Ghosh, D. and Subhash, G. (2010). Scratch studies in boron rich lightweight and ultrahigh temperature ceramic Boron Rich Solids (pp. 83--94) Springer, Dordrecht.

Conference Proceeding

Subhash, G. and Ghosh, D. (2012). Investigation of Room Temperature Dislocation Mobility in Metal Diborides(ZrB 2) Using Nano and Micro Indentation AIP Conference Proceedings.
  • 2010: Best Ph.D. Dissertation , Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida
  • 2009: Outstanding International Student Award, College of Engineering, University of Florida
  • 2008: 'Second Prize’ of Best Paper Awards, American Ceramic Society