Awards & Recognition

Faculty, Students and Alumni

  • First place in New Research Category: Vest S*, Bradshaw B, Voelker M, Bruhn A, Newcomb T, Sikdar, S. "Allied Dental Students' DVI Learning Outcomes Following A Multimedia Module." Poster Presentation. International Symposium on Dental Hygiene. Dublin, Ireland. August 11, 2022.
  • Jessica Suedbeck: Outstanding Member Award, Component-VDHA
  • Brenda Bradshaw: Outstanding Faculty Academic Advisor Award. Old Dominion University Excellence in Advising
  • S. Lynn Tolle: Faculty Member Who Most Inspired Students Award Finalist. College of Health Sciences
  • S. Lynn Tolle: Faculty Member Who Most Inspired Students Award by the Top Undergraduate Student in the College of Health Science

Outstanding Alumni Award

Each year the School recognizes an outstanding alumnus selected from among graduates of the undergraduate or graduate program. If you would like to nominate an individual who you believe has made significant contributions in advancing the art and science of the dental hygiene, please submit a letter of recommendation addressing the candidate's qualifications to:

Ann Bruhn, Chair, School of Dental Hygiene
2011 Health Sciences BuildinG
Norfolk, VA 23529

The following individuals have distinguished themselves as past recipients:

Laura Mallery
BS '89
Linda Rohrer
Jackie S. Perry
BS '01, MS '03
Denise Bowen
BS '75, MS '76
Evelyn Thomson
MS '86
Irene Connolly
BS '80, MS '96
Anne Hutcherson
BS '75, MS '77
Patty Kelly
BS '81
Paula Parise
MS '89
Katherine Friel
MS '82
Sylvia Lyne Santos
MS '85
Deanne Shuman
BSDH, PhD, 2016-79
Mary Morrison-Littleton
AS '72, BS
Laura Mueller-Joseph
MS '87
Christine Blue
Marcia Brand
BS '75, MS '77
Christine Nathe
MS '90
Jacquelyn L. Fried
BSDH, MS '76
Kelly Tanner Williams
BS '96, MS '02