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ODU Computer Science Student Researches Humans vs. Bots in Web Archiving

ODU Computer Science Student: Persistence is Key

Christopher Bliss

ODU and their CS program have been instrumental to my professional success, preparing me to not only thrive at a company like IBM but also to enter the workforce on an equal footing with seasoned professionals. Without the opportunities offered by the program, department, and university, I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today. The technical skills and knowledge I gained at ODU allow me to analyze data, define user stories, and communicate with both technical SME's and non-technical peers alike.

- Christopher Bliss, Operations Manager, IBM, B.S.C.S. ODU

Prasanna Sajjan

One of the primary reasons I got hired was because of the courses that I took at ODU. My company's CTO was impressed with what I had learned during grad school and also my academic projects.

- Prasanna Sajjan, Master of Science ODU, May 2016

Devin Hurst

My career as an ODU CS graduate has taken me from a Jr developer to a developer advisor, and most recently an IT Manger for Anthem Inc. The ODU CS program applies real-world development practices and not just theory-based, which prepares students in many ways for a successful career. I personally have been in more than 800 interviews and ODU students that have been through the CS program are simply more prepared.

- Devin Hurst, Manager I, GBD Provider Data Systems, B.S.C.S. ODU


From the education and hands on experience I got at ODU, I got my first job and I am expecting an offer from another company next week for a C/C++/Java position in which I stated I was expecting [a very high salary], which is just incredible to me, as someone who is still technically a student! That just goes to show you how in demand our skill set is right now, and how if students apply themselves and do well, they will come out with a lot of opportunity!

- Raphael J. Sandor, PL/SQL Developer Level I, CACI, B.S./M.S. Computer Science Candidate


I'm starting my first day at a new job for a defense contractor today and would like to thank you for all that I learned in the professional workforce development courses. During the interview phase, my interviewers were quite impressed as I explained my experience with the class and what it had taught me. To quote one of them, "I think that class has prepared you very well for the way we do business here, or likely most other mature software companies." I do firmly believe that the class had much to do with me being offered a position.

- Joshua Gahan, B.S.C.S. ODU, Spring 2020