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Knowledge is critical to success. We have organized this resource to provide you with the information needed to navigate your path to success and a future as an ODU alumnus.

The roadmap aspects of advising, degree planning, and course registration are available — along with the tools needed to manage the obstacles and challenges.

The CS Department Resources are the set of tools specifically designed for our curriculum. We also supply unique services to our students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Discover what is available.

Additional Resources

Course Syllabi

Find the syllabus for your current computer science course.

Course Schedule

Find CS course listing information, times and sessions.

Colloquium Schedule

Researchers and practitioners from around the region, country and the world speak on topics of interest in computer science.


Find real-world experience opportunities working with a team of computing professionals. It's also a chance to gain valuable experience and to get a foot in the door at the start of your career.

Student Organizations

Find a list of organizations for computer science students.


Discover our state-of-the-art classrooms, data centers and conference rooms.

CS Undergraduate Resource Center

Free tutoring support for MATH and CS courses for only CS students.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free, one-on-one assistance with course-related writing projects.

Other Tutoring Resources

Explore additional resources that are available to aid in your success.


Find FAQs, guidelines and requirements, diplomas, and more.

Counseling Services

The Office of Counseling Services provides comprehensive mental health services to enrolled students.

Office of Educational Accessibility

Working to ensure that students who experience disabilities are able to successfully access and participate in all aspects of University life.

Advisory Board

View the Computer Science Advisory Board members.