Starting Courses as an MS Student

Steps from linked application through starting courses as an MS student:

Note: Where GPD is mentioned the responsibility belongs to the Computer Science Graduate Program Director. Where CDA is mentioned the responsibility belongs to the Computer Science Undergraduate Chief Departmental Advisor.

  1. Student completes application for acceptance into the linked program

    • GPD
    • CDA
  2. CDA sends approved form to DegreeWorks (Responsibility of Registrar's Office)

  3. DegreeWorks applies an attribute to the student's record to show participation in the linked program (Responsibility of Registrar's Office)

  4. CDA adds a note to the academic record indicating the agreed upon MS courses to be taken as part of the undergraduate record

  5. Student completes the courses

    • A form is required for each term
    • Collect signatures of faculty, GPD, and CDA - and sent to Registrar for action
  6. CDA requests that these graduate courses replace the undergraduate requirements. This includes 517 and the three upper level CS electives at a maximum. Requests are made one-by-one

  7. DegreeWorks is updated as the hours are registered for and completed (Responsibility of Registrar's Office)

  8. Student applies to the MS in CS program

  9. Student is accepted into the MS program by GPD

  10. Degree works is updated to reflect the two degrees: BSCS and MS in CS (Responsibility of Registrar's Office)

  11. Student graduates with BSCS

  12. GPD requests that the same MS courses taken as a linked program student (as an undergraduate) be applied to the graduate transcript

  13. DegreeWorks processes this request (Responsibility of Registrar's Office)

And the linked program events and activities are completed!