Pre-Registration Advising

Spring 2022 Pre-Registration Dates

Spring/Summer 2022 (including "Winter Term") pre-registration for currently registered degree-seeking students (time ticket required)

  • Monday-Friday
  • November 1-5

Preregistration for Spring and Summer 2022 (including Winter Term, which is part of the Spring semester), begins November 1. Preregistration is restricted to degree-seeking students who are registered in Fall 2021 classes, and requires an electronic time ticket. You will receive an email from the University Registrar as soon as time tickets have been run, with instructions for viewing your time ticket. Information on time ticketing policies and a timetable showing when students MAY be able to register can be found here.

Advisors who are here to assist:

  • Janet Brunelle: Primary Advisor
    • 60 or more earned credits
  • Mirta Williams: Primary Advisor
    • less than 60 earned credit hours
  • STEM Completion Initiative
    • degree progress and graduation milestones

Block Parties - For all BSCS majors with 60 or more earned credit hours

To receive advising & hold removal, please attend one of the Block Parties:

Date: TBD

  • Be prepared!! Please review the Pre-Registration PDF and preload the necessary information prior to joining the Party.