Exit Exam

All CS MS students must meet the following exit requirements during their graduating semester. Each semester, the GPD will send an email to all graduate students with deadlines and instructions on how to register for the exit exam and schedule project or thesis presentations.

MS Requirement Options


Students in courses-only option must complete the following:

  • Pass the comprehensive exam with both written and oral components.
  • The written component is an exit report (in PDF format) about all the graduate CS courses the student has taken at ODU (include IT courses if in the ICT concentration). The report should contain a brief statement of the knowledge the student gained from each of the courses, if/how they have applied this knowledge to their outside work, suggestions for improvements, and a statement of their overall impression of the CS MS program at ODU. There is no detailed format for the document, but it should be single-spaced with an 11-point font size. The suggested length for the document is 10-15 pages.
  • The oral component is a 3-5 minute recorded video of the student giving a presentation describing their career goals and job search preparation (show your CV, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.) and how their CS graduate courses have helped them prepare.

The written and oral components must be submitted two weeks before the last day of classes in the student's graduating semester.


Students in the project option must complete the following:

  • Register for CS 698 Master's Project under the project advisor.
  • Complete the project work and write a MS Project Report.
  • Schedule a MS Project Presentation in consultation with the project advisor and the GPD.

See Master's Project in Computer Science for more details on completing the MS Project.


Students in the thesis option must complete the following:

  • Register for CS 699 Thesis Research in two semesters and appoint an Master's Thesis Committee by filing the M1 form.
  • Complete the thesis research work and write a MS Thesis.
  • Schedule a MS Thesis Defense in consultation with the thesis advisor, thesis committee, and GPD.

See Master's Thesis in Computer Science for more details on completing the MS Thesis.