Faculty Global Experience Opportunities

UKK Faculty Summer Exchange - On HOLD Until Further Notice



The University of Kitakyushu has offered the opportunity to send one faculty member to teach an American society/American culture-related course to their students this summer.

  • The ODU faculty member will teach 15 classes for a total of 90 minutes each (3 classes per day for 5 days),
  • The rate of compensation is 11,700 yen per class.
  • Housing, teaching stipend, and office supplies/course materials will be provided by the University of Kitakyushu.
  • Round-trip airfare, visa application fees, and international health insurance will be provided by the Center for Global Engagement
  • Miscellaneous costs (bus/train tickets, meals, etc.) outside of the above, will be the responsibility of the faculty member.

The program is open to full-time faculty members from Humanities, Social Sciences, and Liberal Arts.

Application Deadline: 5 p.m. on March 23, 2020

For more information, check the University Announcements, or contact Sharon Pitney at CGE@odu.edu or 757-683-6128.

Henan University, one of the oldest and key universities in China, is a comprehensive university with 12 branches of learning: Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, History, Law, Liberal Arts, Management, Medicine, Philosophy, and Science. Each year ODU proudly partners with Henan to send several faculty members to teach 2 to 3 week courses in a variety of academic disciplines.

Teaching Opportunities in HENAN are on hold until further notice.

Ambitious? Globally-focused? Excellent communication skills? The Center for Global Engagement is offering you a challenging and fulfilling experience of a lifetime!

Teaching support needed for Summer 2019

Provided by Henan University and Henan University of Economics & Law

  • $1,200 - 2,000 per week
  • University accommodation
  • International round-trip flight tickets from Norfolk to China and transportation from the airport to Henan University of Economics & Law/Henan University

Interested? Contact Sharon Pitney at spitney@odu.edu.

Teaching hours: 35
Duration: 2 weeks
Time period: early July

OYA International College

  • Marketing on the Internet (MKTG 450)*
  • E-commerce Logistics Management (BNAL 441)
  • Introduction to E-commerce**
  • Financial Management (FIN 323)
  • Information Literacy and Research (IT 150G)

* High demand for teachers
** Please email spitney@odu.edu for a course syllabus

Teaching hours: 36
Duration: 3 weeks
Time period: May 6 - June 18

School of E-Commerce & Logistics Management

  • Statistical Data Analysis and Management Science (BNAL 396)
  • Basic Information Literacy and Research (IT 150G)
  • Systems Design and Programming (CS 133)
  • Marketing on the Internat (MKTG 450)*

School of Statistics

  • Econometrics**

School of Finance

  • Family Financial Management (FIN 210s)*
  • Financial Markets and Institutions**

School of Cultural Communication

  • Photography (ARTS 211)*
  • Video Production (COMM 370)

*High demand for teachers
** Please email spitney@odu.edu for a course syllabus

Beijing Wuzi University, a long time ODU partner, places priority on international collaborations and is proactive in exploring academic exchanges with the outside world.

BWU focuses on the developments of its management disciplines based on economic disciplines with a distinguishing feature in its logistics management disciplines. BWU consists of three academic schools and four departments offering 22 undergraduate academic programs, and five graduate academic programs. The three academic schools are listed below: the School of Economics, the School of Logistics and the School of Information Technology. The four departments are as follows: the Department of Accounting, the Department of Labor and Personnel, the Department of Foreign Languages and the Department of Law. BWU now has a total enrollment of over 8,200 and more than 650 faculty and staff members.

International Summer School is on hold until further notice.

Teaching support needed for Summer 2019

Beijing Wuzi University invites professors to teach entry/intermediate level courses this summer to undergraduate students.

Time period: July 1 -15, 2019
Teaching hours: 32

Demand for teaching experience in:

  • Logistics
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Information Systems

Provided by Beijing Wuzi University:

  • Round-trip airline tickets from Norfolk to China
  • Salary: 600 RMB/hour before tax
  • Teaching assistants assigned to each professor
  • Housing
  • Meals

Please provide the following:

  • Contact information: email/phone number
  • Example of the course syllabus

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

Interested? Contact Sharon Pitney at spitney@odu.edu for more information.