Cultural Exchange Programs for ODU Students

Highly engaged, passionate ODU students make excellent candidates for a wide variety of national-level scholarships. Some of the opportunities listed here require a university endorsement - a process that is managed through the Center for Global Engagement. The list of opportunities below is not comprehensive and we welcome suggestions to continue to grow this list.

Welcome to Burgas

Prue Salasky

ODU's Prue Salasky is spending a year in Bulgaria after receiving a Fulbright U.S. student program English teaching assistant grant. She has started a blog to chronicle her experiences.

"Are you nervous? Do you wish you weren't going? These questions surfaced from friends and family soon before departure. "Not really" and "No" have been my responses, because everything about this adventure (which would seem bizarre if someone else told me they were embarking on it) seems so right for me at this time."

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Study Abroad

Consider studying abroad for a summer, semester, or full year as part of your academic experience. The culture and language learning opportunities are unparalleled.