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Discover how Process Improvement courses from our team can help you master skills to increase profits, cut costs and improve efficiency. No matter what company you work for, our Lean Six process improvement certificates can help you build your résumé. Become an indispensable asset by learning how to remove waste and solve problems caused by inefficient business processes. Find out why so many Fortune 500 companies have turned to the fundamentals of continuous improvement, which has resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars in savings.

Acquire some of the most in-demand process improvement skills in the marketplace today

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Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification helps you:

  • Improve efficiencies and eliminate wasteful practices
  • Master skills needed to increase profits
  • Boost your earning power and build your résumé

Explore the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate



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Black Belt

Build upon the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program

  • Become a respected mentor and change-agent trained to coach Green Belts and other team members.
  • Leverage acquired tools and concepts to lead projects

Explore the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate