Graduate Certificate in Project Management

It's been reported that over 15.7 million new project management roles will be created globally across seven project-intensive industries, and the economic footprint of the profession is expected to grow by $6.61 trillion. Business leaders are recognizing how project management skills contribute to a company's growth, innovation and its greater business strategy—all creating a major competitive advantage.

ODU's Graduate Certificate in Project Management (GCPM) will teach you the concepts, management tools and processes required for overseeing projects in the workplace. This certificate also provides the core knowledge needed to successfully pass the PMP Exam. Though PMP Exam Prep course is not included in this certificate, students enrolling in GCPM will qualify for a discount on their PMP Prep Course if they choose to take it.

Since this certificate is credit bearing, you will first need to be admitted to Old Dominion University. This is an easy process and Continuing Education will facilitate your admission and ultimately your registration with payment.

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What to Expect

Learning Methods:

  • Recorded lectures
  • Live online discussions
  • Course projects (individual and/or group)
  • Tests/Assessments

Who Should Take This Course?


  • Undergraduate degree required.
  • Admission to Old Dominion University can be done as a non-degree-seeking student where no GRE or placement tests are needed. 12 credit hours is the maximum that a student can take before admission into the College/Department of choice.
  • Apply as a graduate student and then select the Graduate Certificate in Project Management program. No GRE scores required. $50 application fee. Apply Now!

Courses in the Certificate

12 Graduate Credit Hours; 45 Contact Hours

Courses are modularly designed with short videos based on the subject matter. The instructor will be in touch with you prior to the beginning of class through Canvas. You will have the ability to ask questions and interact with your classmates through Canvas prior to the scheduled discussions.

Continuing Education will assist you in obtaining your MIDAS ID and other credentials required to access ODU systems.

To receive credit in Engineering Management, you must qualify to be admitted to the department. These 12 credit hours can use used in other graduate programs within ODU and in other universities only if accepted by the directors of these graduate programs. If this is your intention, we recommend you contact the program director of the program that you are interested.

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3 credits

Focusing on the management of projects using an agile approach to respond to the continuous changes that affect project capabilities and performance. Although any project can be managed using agile project management, projects with a high degree of uncertainty obtain the most benefits from this approach (e.g., R&D projects). The course covers SCRUM and expands it by articulating the human and business factors that make successful agile project management. Planning and executing a short agile project is required.

3 credits

Exploration of the systems approach to planning, scheduling, control, design, evaluation and leadership of projects in technology-based organizations. The fundamental tools and techniques of project management; the role of the project manager; project management systems; project selection; project life cycle; project monitoring and control; project management evaluation and auditing; project risk and failure analysis; contextual nature of project management; project knowledge.

3 credits

Targeted at engineering managers who actively participate in the capital budgeting process and project justification. Topics include capital budgeting techniques (including multi-attribute decision making), utility theory, justification of new technologies, and current research in engineering economics. Reading and application of current research in the field is stressed. Case studies are used. Oral presentations and team project required.

3 credits

Seminar discussions and team projects expose students to the concepts, skills, characteristics and emotional composition of the effective and successful leaders in the 21st century. Course objectives will be achieved by classroom discussion of the assigned material, candid self-assessment, experimental exercises and analysis of the actions of leaders, as described in case studies and literature. Areas of exploration include the fundamentals of leadership, ethical leadership, social capital, emotional intelligence and three-dimensional leadership.

Current Course Information


  • General Fee - $9
  • Student ID Fee - $2
  • Technology Fee - $90
  • Graduate Engineering Fee - $75

Fees subject to change. The current ODU fee schedule can be found here.


Online - using Zoom and Canvas

Course Schedule & Details

Summer 2024
  • ENMA 604 - Project Management
    DATES: 5/13/2024
    INSTRUCTOR: Lucas Marino
    CRNs - Live in Hampton Roads - 31858
    Live in Virginia but outside Hampton Roads - 31859
    Out of State - 31860
  • ENMA 510 - Agile Project Management
    DATES: 6/24/2024 – 8/03/2024
    INSTRUCTOR: Sarah Bouazzaoui
    CRNs - Live in Hampton Roads - 31350
    Live in Virginia but outside Hampton Roads - 31351
    Out of State – 31352
Fall 2024
  • ENMA 604 - Project Management
    DATES: 8/24/2024 - 10/22/2024
    INSTRUCTOR: Lucas Marino
    CRNs - Live in Hampton Roads - 15043
    Live in Virginia but outside Hampton Roads - 15734
    Out of State - 16619
  • ENMA 700 - Economic Analysis of Capital Projects
    DATES: 8/24/2024 - 10/22/2024
    INSTRUCTOR: Charles Daniels
    CRNs - Live in Hampton Roads - 20996
    Live in Virginia but outside Hampton Roads - 20998
    Out of State - 20999
  • ENMA 510 - Agile Project Management
    DATES: 10/23/2024 - 12/06/2024
    INSTRUCTOR: Sarah Bouazzaoui
    CRNs - Live in Hampton Roads - 15044
    Live in Virginia but outside Hampton Roads - 15735
    Out of State - 16603
  • ENMA 780 - Leadership for Engineering Managers
    DATES: 10/23/2024 - 12/06/2024
    INSTRUCTOR: Charles Daniels
    CRNs - Live in Hampton Roads - 21000
    Live in Virginia but outside Hampton Roads - 21001
    Out of State - 21002