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School of Continuing EducationMission Engineering

Graduate Certificate in Mission Analysis and Engineering

Mission Engineering is an emerging discipline in which system-of-systems engineering tools and practices are combined with the tactical insights of operational planning. The findings are captured in "effects/kill chains" addressed through investigations, analysis, exercises, experimentation, and systems engineering to clearly identify operational needs that can be translated into specific programmatic guidance for strategic programs. This certificate is designed with US military requirements in mind as driven by operational needs. You will learn to integrate the Fleet, Technology, and Acquisition communities to create advances in warfighting capabilities across mission areas.

Students will take 4 courses, 1 required and 3 electives to earn the Mission Analysis and Engineering Certificate.

Contact the ODU Dahlgren office or the School of Continuing Education for Course Registration Numbers (CRN) specific to the certificate prior to registering.

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Certificate Classes:

Mission Analysis and Engineering- ENMA 650 (Required)

The course provides a high-level overview of Mission Engineering and the role of the Mission Engineering and the Mission Engineer in government acquisitions. The course presents the theoretical foundations that enable a fuller representation of complex problem as well as the required engineering and management approaches needed to deal with the high level of complexity and uncertainty. It applies the theoretical facets to specific engineering problems/cases and explores robust approaches given the conditions of the problem. Developments, on-going research, as well as gaps in knowledge and know-how are discussed.

System of Systems Engineering- ENMA 750 (elective)

Comprehensive treatment of System of Systems Engineering (SoSE), including; fundamental systems principles, concepts, and governing laws; complex and simple systems; underlying paradigms, methodologies and essential methods for SoSE analysis, design, and transformation; complex system transformation; current state of SoSE research and application challenges. Explores the range of technological, human/social, organizational/managerial, policy, and political dimensions of the SoSE problem domain.

Human Systems Engineering-ENMA 755 (elective)

This course introduces the concepts of Human Systems Engineering, focusing on designing systems that include human components. Human System Integration and Human Factors Engineering are discussed, as well as other human centered design approaches. The role of human data in system of systems design is explored, and methods to capture and represent human data, including architecture frameworks, are presented. Modeling and analysis of human centered systems is done through hands-on projects.

Rational Decision Making- ENMA 702 (elective)

The goal of this course is to enhance the student's ability to make rational and strategic decisions in complex situations. The course is split in two modules: decision theory and game theory. The decision theory module focuses on how individuals make complex decisions, both from a prescriptive (ideal) and descriptive (actual) perspective. The game theory module focuses on strategic decision-making in situations where individuals must interact with one another.

System Architecture- ENMA 660 (elective)

Students learn the essential aspects of the systems architecture paradigm through development and analysis of multiple architecture frameworks and enterprise engineering. Emphasis is placed on systems modeling and enterprise engineering

Systems Analysis-ENMA 715 (elective)

The course is designed to provide an understanding of the interdisciplinary aspects of systems development, operation, and support. The course focuses on the application of scientific and engineering efforts to transform an operational need into a defined system configuration through the interactive process of design, test, and evaluation.

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