Academic Readmission

Graduate Reinstatement Policy: Understand the steps and requirements for reinstatement at the university.

A student may apply for readmission the semester following the completion of suspension period. All readmitted students are required to attend the Academic Continuance Experience for Success (ACES) workshop before the beginning of the semester of readmission.

If a student readmitted after a second suspension fails to obtain a semester GPA of 2.0 in any semester before achieving a cumulative GPA of a least 2.0, the student will be placed on a final or third suspension. Students who are placed on academic suspension for a third time are no longer eligible to attend Old Dominion University.

Students readmitted to ODU do not automatically qualify for financial aid. All students who are suspended should contact their financial aid counseling team to discuss their options.

Students who are readmitted for a particular semester and choose not to enroll in that semester are required to resubmit their application for readmission.

Students who enroll in classes and then decide not to return prior to the start of the semester are responsible for dropping their classes.Failure to drop classes will result in tuition charges.

If you do not remember your University Identification Number (UIN) to complete the form below, then you may recover your UIN here.

For any questions regarding readmission to ODU, please contact the Office of Advisor Support and Completion Initiatives (Academic Continuance) at or 757-683-3773.

Complete the online Readmission Application to apply to return to ODU after serving a first or second academic suspension.

Readmission Semester: Due Date:
Fall Semester 2nd Friday in August
Spring Semester 3rd Friday in December*
Summer Semester 2nd Friday in April
*Registration for Spring begins in November of each year. Waiting too long to reapply may result in a lack of course availability for spring semester.


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